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  1. Thanks killerschick. The previous owner that I bouth the property off was repossed so I bought from halifax (the reposser bank). I bought with a first direct mortgage. In April 2010. The phantom mortage letters are from nationwide for someone I don't know who alledgedly bough the place in 2009 (Seems like some kind of fraud, the name is not the previous owners). I'm not sure why they would try to put an equitable charge on the property when my name is clearly on the land register now. I was thinking they tried so they would have more leverage if it went to court or something like tha
  2. Thanks Jansus. I don't think my credit would be affected as no charge has been put on the house (as I blocked it) However I don't want to let m current mortgage lender know in case it affects me getting a remortgage later with them. I may fix for 5 years first then let them know as I'm on variable now and if i get stuck in a legal dispute I wont be able to sell adn don't want to be at risk with avariable rate unable to remortgage. In terms of legally I'm not sure whether Nationwide can do anything as I bought the property after the phanto second mortage had been placed against t
  3. Hi Guys, Would be grateful if anyone could shed light on this. I bought my house in May 2010 with a First Direct mortgage from Halifax (previous owner was repossesed). I then got a letter in June from Nationwide for a Mr xxxxxxxxxx I opened the letter and found a mortgage for 250,000 punds on the property. The person was not the previous owner as far as I know. And from the statement he hasn't ever paid the mortage so looks like some sort of fraud. Nationwide refuse to discuss it with me. They tried to put a charge on the property with land registry in Auguast but I filed a
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