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  1. Hey all So I moved into a property on 29 July 2015 I payed £675 deposit and £675 one months rent advance We’ve just been excepted for social housing so have now given notice on this private property. As it’s 4 weeks notice from today this gives me until the 11/03/19 The question is about what is left to pay, am I right in thinking as it’s payed in advance that the £675 I payed on 31st January covers February’s rent until the 28th So I only have to pay the 11 days of March rent as I’ve already payed February’s Or Do I still have to pay February’s
  2. How accurate are credit reports Clearscore have the CCJ down Noodle Don’t
  3. I’ve seen people take credit out and inc it their bankruptcy before
  4. It is interesting as I’d thought one would they’ve obtained the CCJ they wouldn’t except anything less as they’ve got the legal power behind them. VERY which is shop direct do add stupid fees and charges so I wouldn’t be surpsied if that’s got something to do with the offer they’ve sent so they’re trying to get something rather than nothing as I’d imagine a judge wouldn’t look to kindly at silly charges being obtained I’ve not got any access to anything so may well do that, however wouldn’t this give them where I am now which may cause issues I’m keeping the letter as evidenc
  5. Found account numbers. Perfect match. I’m confused. CCJ for full amount, then 7 mnths later a letter offering a 50% discount
  6. 100% Claimant is the same name and so is the amount which matches the ccj
  7. A letter was handed to me today from someone whom now lives in my old address from years ago. Dated Nov 2017. It’s from Restons Solicitors saying if I pay half, theyll close the account and mark it as partially settled on my credit file and that would be the end of it No mention of CCJ on it (issued may 2017) it’s like they don’t know it was issued as they’ve offered a discount to close the account Obviously that time for the offer has passed, but I wonder if I make contact and say would they still honour that offer and set up a payment plan to clear it
  8. Well done. You were right. I just rang and they confirmed what u said
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me lol, don’t get that lucky often. I’ll shall make enquires tomorrow about it but I would have seen it as an asset so would have been distributed equally amoungst creditors
  10. letter states NOSIA was dated 29/03/10 and should have received it 11/04/2010 but never received anything. That’s what the refund is for which is like PPI I’d imagine I can’t see how they can take it off a balance which was the technically made void and therefor no longer exists
  11. If that’s the case then I will ring the OR as Lloyd’s has kept the money for themselves when it should have gone to the OR but I’m also discharged as of last year so be interesting to see what happens
  12. a letter landed at my mums over the weekend It states it’s a notice of sums in arrears when it was transferred and that they got it wrong. I’m owed over £800. However it also states I owed them £4330 so they’ve taken that off the balance will receive nothing This was from 2010 However, the £4330 was included into my bankruptcy when I went bankrupt in 2011 therefore I was legally discharged from owing them anything Where do I stand on this ? This covers the period 12/04/210 to 16/01/2018 is also stated
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