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  1. Thank all - I'll give it a bash!!
  2. Can anyone tell me if you can reclaim late charges on loans. I have 2 loans with Citi and they have charged me £10 per month per loan for late fees for the last 2 years. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. gail

    Gail v Abbey

    I'll be claiming in Linlithgow I should think.
  4. gail

    Gail v Abbey

    Hi All, Not been posting recently due to internet probs, but anyway I'm up and running now. Sent off Prliminary approach for payment to Abbey for £700.00 this will do for a first claim, covering only 8 months. Still another 4yrs and 2 months to claim for!!!! Gail Abbey Current Account 1st Claim - £700 Prliminary Approach made Bank of Scotland Current Account - £230.00 - Prliminary Approach made Bank of Scotland Credit Card 1st Claim - £635.00 - Prliminary Approach made
  5. Hi Fellow Scots - anyone know where I can find the library? I've been looking for about 45mins!
  6. Thanks all - mumofthreeboys I'll use your letter - many thanks.
  7. I'm being threatened with court action to recover o/s overdraft - I've spent hours trawling the forum looking for a letter I read about 'disputed amount' - can anyone point me in the right direction? Its not in the library, I'm fairly sure it was on a thread somewhere.
  8. Sent of SAR - have now received notification that Blair, Oliver & Scott will pursue this through court. I saw a letter somewhere which stated that the amount was disputed due to forthcoming legal proceedings etc., does anyone know where this is? Its not in the library.
  9. Hi there, On posting in the Abbey thread I was told to look out for you. I see you are a fellow Scot also trying to get YOUR money back through the Scottish system. I'll follow your progress, and let you know how I'm getting on with my claim. To date I've sent SAR, got microfiche rubbish, sent 2nd letter recorded saying - yeah whatever, you only have 30 days left. Received 13 months statements totalling £1115 charges. So I have enough to file my first claim, they can take their time over the rest of the information meantime. That just makes it less complicated for me. Have a loo
  10. gail

    Gail v Abbey

    Hi all, I'm yet another newcomer. After a lot of reading around this site, it inspired me to get off my butt, stop complaining, and actually do something positive about these outrageous charges. So 4th July sent off my SAR, got the usual, microfiche script, sent off the relevant reply recorded delivery. Received 13mnths worth of statements this morning. Did some quick sums and charges add up to £1115! Wow!! I'll no doubt have to kick and scream and punch to get them to provide the rest of my information, but hey, thats ok, cause being in Scotland I have enough to file the 1st claim
  11. Does anyone know if anything can be done about the excessive interest - 24.1%APR over 10yrs. I know - should never have taken it out!
  12. Thank you - I've printed it out and I'll send it out tomorrow.
  13. Can anyone advise?? I defaulted on my BOS CC and have now totally ignored it for months. My card expired in January and I've heard nothing from them. Does anyone know where I would stand in trying to reclaim unfair charges - these would be far more than the outstanding balance on this card. Is it worth a shot?
  14. gail

    More Microfiche

    I have started the process of reclaiming charges for myself and my partner. I requested his statements online and received an official form. For myself I used the Data Protection Act letter in the library. I sent the form, and the DPA letter on the same day in separate envelopes. On checking my partners account to see if they had deducted his £10 payment from his account, and the cheque he wrote to cover my fees, I found his had been deducted and mine had'nt. Three guesses who received the Microfiche bull? Yep me. Still waiting to see if we receive his statements, but just thought it in
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