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  1. There is no such contravention for a council PCN, what exactly did the ticket say, most likely is:

    01 Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours


    Have you received the Notice To Owner or merely a letter of rejection?


    This is completely irrelevant, if they have replied to your appeal they already know who you are. It doesn't matter who owns the car now.



    I cant remember what the pcn was for but the letter says 'contravention of the parking regulations and on double yellow lines'


    I'm at uni, and the car was registered to my mum, so its not the address at where i got the pcn.



  2. Back in October I was issued with a PCN for parking with my back wheels on the double yellow lines outside my house.

    I have a residents permit for the car, and figured that it was late at night, the majority of the car was in the box and i was moving it in the morning, so would be fine just over night.


    Anyway, at 8:09 i was clocked, heartbreaking really. Anyways, I appealed the fine as it just said 'contravening parking rules', so I figured I could just say the officer mustn't have seen my permit.


    Time goes by and I just received my rejection of appeal letter, stating that I can make a formal appeal and if that is rejected, the fine will be £70 (instead of £35)


    Anyway I attach a picture of the yellow lines i was parked over below. The line is broken and very unclear (although the parking officer took the picture of my vehicle over them from a flattering angle, this is what they actually look like.



    A friend said he appealed successfully against bradford council for the same issue, but this is Nottingham and I'm unsure of the actual law - If I want to make a formal appeal, I want to sound formal, stating the law they were contravening by not keeping up to the road.



    another issue is that i sold the car in November so the registered owner, to whom which the notice of payment will be sent to is no longer me, but if they get that info from the DVLA will they get my details or the new owners?


    Thanks in advance for any help

  3. Ditto as above, I would look to recover all documentation from above lawyer first - try not to ring alarm bells yet he should just hand over file with the searches etc..


    Also check out the VOA.gov.uk to see if it has been registerd for seperate council tax, someone could have been paying the neighbours.. rather than the 2a - 2b scenario normally seen



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