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  1. I have until the 20th to pay £35. Next time I'll just ignore the ticket until it gets sent to the owner!
  2. oh and yeah just a letter of rejection, and come to think of it, it was '01 parked in a restricted.....'
  3. I cant remember what the pcn was for but the letter says 'contravention of the parking regulations and on double yellow lines' I'm at uni, and the car was registered to my mum, so its not the address at where i got the pcn. thanks
  4. Back in October I was issued with a PCN for parking with my back wheels on the double yellow lines outside my house. I have a residents permit for the car, and figured that it was late at night, the majority of the car was in the box and i was moving it in the morning, so would be fine just over night. Anyway, at 8:09 i was clocked, heartbreaking really. Anyways, I appealed the fine as it just said 'contravening parking rules', so I figured I could just say the officer mustn't have seen my permit. Time goes by and I just received my rejection of appeal letter, stating that I can make a formal appeal and if that is rejected, the fine will be £70 (instead of £35) Anyway I attach a picture of the yellow lines i was parked over below. The line is broken and very unclear (although the parking officer took the picture of my vehicle over them from a flattering angle, this is what they actually look like. A friend said he appealed successfully against bradford council for the same issue, but this is Nottingham and I'm unsure of the actual law - If I want to make a formal appeal, I want to sound formal, stating the law they were contravening by not keeping up to the road. another issue is that i sold the car in November so the registered owner, to whom which the notice of payment will be sent to is no longer me, but if they get that info from the DVLA will they get my details or the new owners? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. What is the exact law regarding broken double yellow lines?
  6. I opened a student current account for going to uni on the promise of a £3000 overdraft over the 3 years. I was granted £1000 for the first year but only and increase to £1750 for 2nd year. Having tried to increase this i got declined. what can i do?
  7. I live in an 8 man house and bills have been really cheap so far I've heard that at the end of the year that they will come round and read the meter and then we'll get a massive bill. Is this correct?
  8. Used car dealers dont have to offer a warranty so there's no case is there?
  9. I got 20p per mile as of 2009, so can i claim more back?
  10. Welcome, It should be registered in the UK on an 07 plate, and you should've received registration documents with a tear-off bit for you to keep
  11. £2.50 for my details by just looking at my registration plate - something's definitely amiss
  12. you have to post 20 times to post links in new threads aswell. is it alright if i get my post count up here?
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