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  1. Afraid this is not the case, after the claim was refused it was also discovered that the staff had NOT filled out a claim for income based, so when I had to appeal they made the first claim for income based, (6 weeks after my first claim). So not only did they not add up my contributions correctly, they refused the cont. based claim because I had failed the H.Res. test, which should never have been applied anyway. Without the intervention of the member of staff who ran the "back to work" morning, none of this would have come to light, and I would have been left high and dry for more
  2. Thank you, after weeks of being put through the mill, having my claim denied, h.b denied , told it was because of the H.R.Test I finally received a letter saying my claim had been denied because of not having enough contributions. I did not receive in writing a denial because of the H.R.test,though all the staff told me that was the reason on their computers, when asked what the threshold for the cont. based allowance nobody would give an answer, though I was convinced I had enough stamps in for the period. I finally went to a back to work morning and told the people there, they wer
  3. If you qualify for contribution based JSA, do you still have to go through th habitual residence test ? thanks
  4. Thanks, am just waiting for the letter now then off to the c.a.b, will take this info re the crisis loAn along. Must say how much this help is appreciated, this forum has been a godsend
  5. Thanks leemack years 2007/8 I worked the full year, 2008/9 i worked right through until September 10th, do you know the threshhold ? Sorry,I meant I dont own a home, I have rented a flat and have a tenancy agreement for that, the housing benefit say they are going to pay me, I just have to give them an up to date bank statement from that address. Apparently as R.O.I is part of the Common Travel Area, this gives me the right to reside. The Crisis loan has now refused any more money pending an appeal, the J.centre have advised to collect the appeal form from the Citizen's advice cen
  6. Thank you for that leemack, I think the fact I am Irish seems irrelevant as this also applies to u.k citizens, As for the doctor incident, i have a hip replacement, done when I was only 45, (now 50) and she accused me of being in the u.k for a free, expensive , operation , despite explaining I did not want the other one replacing, she told me to go back to Ireland to have it done, needless to say I registered with another doctor. I have come back alone , my wife has elected to stay abroad, she does not want to live here and could not afford to on her pension, I have no children and n
  7. What reason did they give you?, Throughout all this waiting they just keep saying, it's because you went abroad for a couple of years. So if you go to spain for e.g and try and open a bar or find work and it fails you come back to nothing? Yet if you are Spanish for e.g and come here, never having lived here before, you can claim ! Cannot find any rules anywhere that say you are not entitled to benefits if you have lived abroad, have been told verbally that it is because the government think that as soon as you get benefits you are going to return to that other country. so anybody in thi
  8. Can anybody help, I returned to the u.k , after 2yrs 3 months abroad but from within the EEA. I am an Irish citizen who previously lived and worked in the u.k for more than 21 years, always paying full stamp, left in September 2008. I have been told by a doctor to get back to Ireland and now learned I have been refused JSA as I have been living abroad, this is after weeks of being messed about, since December 8th. I have been told this news today, that the claim will have to be appealed, but can't even start that until I receive the letter, which should be in 3 - days. the housing b
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