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  1. Thanks for the inputs - absolutely we can make a decision on whether we sell the car or not and agree we probably do not have anyone that we can make any claim on. It just came as a big shock to us and we wanted to try and find out the facts. We have spoken to our main Hyundai dealer who are trying to get the answer for us but at the moment we are confused as whether we are trying to sell an 05, 07 or 08 car ! The UK registration document clearly states date first registered as 2008 and "declared new at first registration" but as a dealer has bought the issue up we wanted to check wh
  2. The car had an 08 registration in the UK when we picked it up and we had a V5 which states first registered 15/3/2008, when we re-registered the car in France the appropriate bit was sent back to the DVLA and we also have the appropriate French registration documents. The problem has only arisen as the dealer who was buying the car queried the age and said that the VIN means it is a 2005 car, which whilst I appreciate may be the year of manufacture isn't the year of registration. There must be thousand of cars that come of the production line and sit around for sometime before being sold
  3. Not sure if anyone can help here but we need some advice on what, if anything we can do about the following situation: In 2008 we decided to move to France for a period of time and bought a new LHD 4x4 (or so we thought) as this was going to be most useful for renovations/towing etc. Anyway we bought the car from a LHD garage in Hindhead which I believe has since gone out of business. They sourced the Hyundai for us as we wanted to ensure it was a 4x4 model. The car was in Germany and had been registered for 1 day there (no idea why only one day but something to do with port of ent
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