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  1. Thanks for the reply, The problem is after looking at the job he has done, it is quite apparent that he obviously just cannot plaster! It's not so much an issue of him doing half a job, but more that I seriously doubt his ability as a skilled plasterer. On top of that he's washed excess plaster down my sink (so goodness knows if that may block up now!) so I really don't want him coming back just to repeat the exercise. Do you think there are grounds for not getting him to come back and then cancel the cheque and offer a cheque for part payment (as I've done) and then if he takes me t
  2. Well you should return the extra pair of boots or at least let them know - obviously the mistake may go unoticed, but I believe that they would have the right to charge you for both pairs of boots. You could of course then decide to return one of the pairs, but if you've already worn both of them then you have potentially accepted both pairs and you may end up paying for both of them if they realise the mistake.
  3. I recently paid a plasterer to plaster a wall of mine. After he had been and gone I realise he had done a very poor job (the walls were uneven in numerous places by over 20mm over a 2m span and the finish was very poor - rippled and with steps in it). I mailed the chap and he offered to come back and replaster the wall (he had also plastered my ceiling which wasn't good at all but more bearable than the wall). After looking at the wall a bit more I decided I really didn't want him coming back again to mess up my wall a second time, so I stopped the cheque and thought I will send him anoth
  4. I'm not actually after advice but just wanted to air my experience with Fitness First: I joined the Bath gym when they first opened 3 years ago, since the gym opened they spent very little money on the upkeep and subsequently lots of machines are broken to some extent. The state of the gym in general is pretty poor with half of the showers again being broken in some way or other. Gym instructors use the gym floor to organise their own PT sessions (which they are being directly paid for) this is very distracting having PT trainers and punters running around the equipment up and down t
  5. Hi Blair, I have just cancelled my Fitness FIrst membership.. you will probably find you are locked into a 12 month contract and they require 1 month notice for cancellation, however this is 1 calendar month i.e. if you give your cancellation on the 10th of January (for example) then the 1 month notice doesn't start until the 1st of Feb through to the end of Feb.. The web site says you need to speak to the Membership Manager (or whatever they are called in the local gym) and they will confirm whether you are allowed to cancel or you can send them a registered letter or collect a cancella
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