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  1. Afternoon, hoping some kind person could offer me some advice. Was employed by my previous employers for over 6 years as a domestic cleaner i have recently left. When i was first employed my pay was commision based around 23% of what each customer paid, after a few months i was promoted to team captain and my commision rose to 25%. Commision pay was then changed to hourly rate of minium wage +25p per hour for myself as team captain. Previously to hourly rate we where also paid an fortnightly bonus of £20 for no sickness we where told this would be incorperated into our hourly rate. In 2007/2008 many of us where given the option to take NVQ training, which i did and was told this was mean an extra 45p an hour. So at the minimum i should have been paid an hourly rate of minimum wage +70p. Our wage slips do not state any hourly rate or how many hours work, despite us asking for this on varies occasions. I asked last year when the minimum wage went up if i would be gertting a pay rise but was told because i was being paid above minimum wage i wasnt entitled to a pay rise. So from 2006 when my wages first went above minimum wage i believe my hourly rate has been incorrect. My question is, can i claim back all these underpayemtns including incorrect paid holiday and if so how do i go about it, and how long back can i claim? Thanks for reading.
  2. I think i would be asking them for a transcription of that conversation.
  3. I have had so many "formal complaints" with them its unreal, they have just been investiaged by the FSA and still are unable to manage this account correctly. So is it possible to take this complaint higher then their so called "customer relations"? Will the OFT act as when ive approached them before on a different matter they refuse to intervene and point me in the direction of trading standards. So fed up having to deal with this month after month its depressing,
  4. Any advice on this problem would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Yet another problem with Sainsburys bank. After entering into a repayement agreement with them which i have to renew every two months, the first two months as i mentioned above they failed to take the correct amount on the correct day according to the agreement they set up, after getting yet more letters from Albion claiming none payment despite payments being made my DD i again complained to Sainsburys who gave me £50 compensation and refunded all the interest as i had been told no interest would be added once the account when to their recoveries team which i believe is Albion so dont understand why they are sending me letters as Sainsburys are claiming it is not with their recoveries team But this month they have taken £123 contractual payments towards the main loan but they have failed to take the £20 towards the arrears, so my question is where do i stand now, is this something else i have to let them get away with or can i know claim they are in breech of the agreement and tell them where to stick their arrears?
  6. I have had two formal complaints with them already resulting in them having to compensate me, the second one involved the FSA who where investigating when this agreement was set up. No its not a big deal in itself its just the principal of the matter that if i had not paid the set amount on the set date then i would be in breech on the agreement and they would have been charging me. I might just send them yet another letter of complaint and see what happens. I was paying the arrears by SO but they asked me to cancel it so they could take the whole amount at the same time then they prompty just do as they please. Ive had 8 months of dealing with their incompetence and its just yet another example of them doing as they please.
  7. lol how did i guess somebody would mention the charges. Dont matter seems one rule for large companies and one for the rest of us, feel like throwing the towel in now fed up of fighting them.
  8. OFT are guidelines only and not law and from my experience debt collectors can breech as many of these guidelines as they want and trading standards will not do a thing unless they harrass you which is unlawful and therefore they have to become involved, maybe its just my experience tho.
  9. Entered into an arrangment with Sainsburys in March to repay my arrears ontop of my contractual payments. The arrangment was to pay £143 on the 16th of each month starting in April. April's payment consisted of £123 taken on the 16th then an futher £20 taken a few days later, and it seems they have done the same again even tho i have told them this is not as per our agreement, so where do i stand as if i had payed them in the manner they have taken money i would have inccured charges for late payment and been in breech of this agrement and no doubt they would be chasing me for the full amount, so can i claim they are in breech of the agreement?
  10. Im assuming the 12 figures on my report are the months, my credit file says it was settled on 31/08/10 and i have a 0 balance. It looks like the first payment they are claiming i missed was May. The whole thing is rather confusing as dates and amounts dont add up. If my credit file states a 0 balance what does that mean? If i missed 3 payments i should owe them £90 not £54! I just find it very hard to swallow that a company can chase you for money with no proof you owe it.
  11. I appreciate what you are saying about paying them but my concern is once they have the money trying to claim it back from them is going to turn out to be as long winded as trying to get anything from 3 mobile. Thank you for the advice i will send another letter to 3 and see what happens.
  12. There is no way i am paying 3 mobile money i dont owe them and cant afford to pay them. So is there any template letter i can send them to put an end to this farce? Also even tho my credit file shows 3 missed payments it also states its settled. Im getting fed up of 3 mobile and want an end to it once and for all.
  13. Is there a template letter i can use to send to 3, trading standards seem unwilling to do anything and claim that 3 can continue to pursue me for this money without any proof and dont have to provide a copy of the contract which is what is causing the whole problem, if indeed i am in the wrong and do owe them £54 then i am willing to pay i just want proof. I would like it sorted as they are now affecting my credit rating as my credit file now shows 3 missed payments.
  14. No the customer is not always right but i have found that CAG are pretty hot on what your rights are. Many stores out there dont even know what the sales of goods act, ive had to argue so many times to store people about what my rights are. CS in this country needs to improve drasticly and people demanding their rights is one way to start.
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