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  1. OK, thank you for your rapid reply. It's interesting that a private company BSM, who presumably took my daughter round the test route, can operate but a public one cannot not. I suppose the DSA are not accountable and incur no costs. Anyway thanks.
  2. The DVLA have just cancelled the driving test for my daughter on the day of her test. She was informed that this was due to icy conditions. However she had a 2 hour driving lesson prior to her test which she said there was no ice. So that lesson was a waste. In addition, being a student she only home during the holidays so rearranging will mean a wait until her next holidays and considerable expense to arrange more lessons. In fact, as she had to go to university at the end of last week this trip home was specifically to take the driving test. Are the DVLA (driving test centre) liable to pay compensation for the wasted lessons and the wasted travel? Thanks in advance
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