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  1. Yesterday I received a £20 penalty fare at Waterloo. Later that day I discovered that the ticket inspectors are supposed to offer you the chance to pay the penalty fare upfront- this one didn't, he insisted upon me giving my details of address so that SWT could bill me the fare which is a real inconvenience as I'm at University and don't live at home much these days. When I asked him if I could pay it upfront he said that I couldn't because he'd already started filling out the form- but this is not in line with SWT policy on penalty fares. I've heard that the penalty fare can be paid online but I'm still irritated that SWT now have me on record and can use this case against me in the future. Have I been mistreated here? Is there such a thing as appealing against the unfair retention of my personal information? Would I be likely to succeed in such an appeal? Thanks.
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