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  1. they have done that yes, and i have requested the amount, but the landlord/agent has to agree to release the funds it seems? it's via the DPS. if the ll/agent again reject my request i think i can then open the dispute service. however, the DPS told me that we have to agree on an amount that is to be refunded and an amount in dispute?! that seems silly to me, as no amount should be disputed from my viewpoint, they feel that £210 should be due to payment of an 'inventory fee'...
  2. Thanks for your replies. I am hoping that I hear from the agent soon as they have gone very quiet now I have re-submitted the deposit refund request and stated that I will address the inventory fee separately. 10 days have alread passed since i moved out, but I am at the mercy of the landlord/agent responding to my DPS request, I think? The agency is called myhome myhouse. Re. the inventory fee, I have asked why £175 was invoiced when the third party charges £50 for the service. Again, no response! If I have to pay the fee due to the wording of the contract, as you say it will be a
  3. Hi, I am hoping to receive advice from people who know more than myself about the following problem. I have recently moved out of a 1 bedroom flat and left the place clean and tidy. My contract states the following: "The tenant agrees to pay the cost of a check out of the inventry and schedule of condition listing all the fixtures and fittings in the premises and the condition thereof at the expiry or sooner termination of the tenancy" I was last week invoiced by the letting agency (who do not manage the property as such but do some things on behalf of the landlord) for £210 for
  4. Do you think so? I wrote the scumbags a letter of appeal but lo and behold no response as yet...
  5. Hi there, thanks for your reply. It is private land yes, in that somehow this company 'manage' the parking there. Attached is a photo of the sign that is on the wall of a commercial property, at the entrance to the driveway. Without looking sideways at it you would never notice it, and it looks as if it applies to the commercial property only. Further down there is another one on a lampost at the same angle, before the first house on the right side - not easily noticeable. There are no other signs. Do you think this establishes a contract? I am thinking county court suing
  6. Hello, I am very annoyed today! I moved into a property in London three days ago, the landlord has two parking permits and has not yet given me the permit but I was assured it is ok to park outside. To provide context, it is not a typical street, it is an alleyway that leads down the side of a restaurant to a small road that has a few houses on. The land is managed by 'New Line Parking Management Ltd'. There is a sign on a wall at the start of the alley which looks as if it applies to the businesses, and one by the first house. I was parked outside my address. Apparently pathetic re
  7. Hello, Recently a car insurance claim of mine was settled 50-50, much to my annoyance. I was not at fault and the scheming other driver admitted liability only to later say it was my fault. Do I have the right to appeal this? And can I claim back half of the excess I paid? In addition, going forward, does this have to be declared as a claim within the last 5 years? My insurance company have put my annual fee up to a ridiculous amount following the claim and now I am going to get other quotes so that I can leave them. Many thanks for your help in advance.
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