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  1. I recently received a parking ticket for parking in a red route bay outside my house in south east London. However, I am convinced that when I parked my car there it was not inside the red route bay. In other words, I believe that the bay has been extended around my car while it was parked there. Looking on the road, there is a clearly visible line where the bay used to go up to. I'm very conscious of this are as it's right outside my house. I challenged the ticket on this basis (firstly, that the car was not in a red route bay when I parked it there; secondly, that as a resident of the street and in the property directly opposite the bay, I was not informed of the change to the bay). However, Transport for London have rejected my challenge on the grounds that there have been no recent changes to the bay area. I have photos of the clearly visible old boundary, the spray paint marking the new size for the bay, and also an image from Google Streetview, taken in 2008, showing the previous, smaller size of the bay. However, I don't have any proof that the bay size was recently changed - in other words while my car was parked there. So it's my word against there's until they can prove when the extension took place. My questions are: 1) Does anybody know how I can find out the date when this extension to the bay was made? I know the red route bay was originally installed in December 2007, and that it was still in the smaller size in Spring 2008 according to Google Streetview. Should I contact my local council (Lewisham) or should I contact Transport for London as they manage the red routes? Are either of them likely to give me the date? 2) Does anyone think I've got a chance of winning my appeal??
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