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  1. You have appointed a loss assessor to your claim who will be taking a cut of the claim not an adjuster. I imagine the policy will be one of indemnity anyway which means putting you back into the same financial position as before.
  2. Havent read the other posts but your daughters insurance is there to cover her property not the neighbours. You can't insure something that you have no financial intrest in.
  3. Well they can becuase within the T+Cs of most policies, proof of ownership will be required whilst making a claim. At the end of the day, getting a replacement camera without any proof of purchase or ownership is lucky. I do however agree that as you have been able to find the model and can prove that this was the one that they should replace it on a like for like basis. Your best bet is going to be to call the insurance company, explain to them what has happened and advise them that you feel it would be only reasonable to accept the camera back and replace it with a more similarrly specd one. With regards to the games, although your frustration is understood, keeping the game would be an act of theft. Cheers
  4. Have you tried calling your insurance company to find out what they are doing about it?
  5. To be honest, the insurance companies really don't mind cash settling claims at a discounted amount (unless there are other concerns surrounding a claim). Apart from the amount of claims that they are putting through to there suppliers, financially it really doesn't make that much difference.
  6. Hi Geoff, Under the majority of More Than policies, there generally isn't cover for the uplift and disposal of carpets unless you are elderly or infirm. If you have already done this, I think it would be unlikley that your insurer would pay for this. You will find that if you had not already done this, they most likley woould of had one of there contractors do it without charge to yourself due to the nature of the damage and the property being unoccupied. Short answer, I doubt it but it's worth a shot. If the damage is that bad and the building work is going to take a while to complete, you may find that your insurer will opt to use a removal company to store your contents until the building work is complete. If it is just a ceiling or two along with a bit of decorations, you should find that either their appointed contractor or even your contractor should be able to protect there working area sufficiently enough to not cause further damage. The only exception to this being carpets where you will find you will need to move the contents into another area of your house. Your policy is one of indemnity. This means to put you back into the same financial position that you were in prior to the insured event occuring. You are able to claim for all of the water damaged items. What you need to consider though is how do you put a value on family photos etc and how can your insurer actually financially reimburse you for them? You will probably come to the decision that they unable to. With regards to other contents like the props, write a list of the items with aproximatley how much it cost to purchase and submit that to the loss adjuster who should consider just cash settling those bits as I imagine they were quite low value. You will find with insurance copmanies that providing you're genuine with your claim, you should nothing to worry about. As long as you are able to prove the loss (ie showing the loss adjuster the damaged items) there will be no problems. Just try to retain all the damaged items and you wont have a problem (as long as you don't keep a hose pipe running over the top of them to keep them wet!) Hope that helps. HHCH
  7. Hi Sogra, A bit more information would help really. By flood, do you mean a burst frozen pipe that has damaged your property due to the recent weather conditions? If so, how badley damaged has you property been ie are you still able to live in the property? A payment card could be used for a range of things. It could be an intrim payment to help you get back on your feet (for example if you needed to by new clothes after a disaster). If it is a specific supplier which the payment card is to be used for, this will be to replace a damaged (or more than one) damaged item. For example you may receive a DSGi repalcement card to replace electrical goods. Whilst you do not have to accept this method of payment, if you want a cash settlement, you will find that in most cases a cash settlement would result in a lower payment as most policies say that the most they will pay you in cash is the discounted amount that the insurer would pay there supplier.
  8. One thing to consider it what has caused the pipe to leak. If it is a joint that has leaked due to wear and you policy does not cover trace and access, the insurer will not be liable for any re-instatment work (unless already damaged by the water). If the pipe is frozen, some policies cover repairs to pipes due to freezing and no cover trace and access. Should this be the case, to put you back in the same position the insurnace company will have to pay for the access to the broken pipe. Hope this helps.
  9. So you agree with insurance fraud then? I would certainly not advise doing this as your insurance company can and will spend what they need to investigate a claim. Once you are proven fraudulent, they will then appoint one of there legal associates to recover the money spent investigating your claim from you.
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