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  1. I spoke to communtiy legal advice earlier and they think i am entitled to legal aid. Feel really annoyed with myself for getting into this situation over signing on for a couple of months. I even called and spoke to the housing benefits people to say i was setting myself up as self employed and would let them know my earnings once i had got my details back and started invoicing.
  2. Cheers. I don't mind paying back what is owed and simply wish to be able to rectify the issue. I do however not wish to incriminate myself or say anything i shouldn't during the interview. I didn't know how to go about declaring my income and still don't to be honest as i would like to be able to as i don't earn that much. Will they agree to some sort of payment plan for the repayment or expect me to find a lump sum?
  3. I have recieved a letter inviting me to an interview under caution by the housing benefit department. I signed on a while back and mentioned to the woman that i did some part tmework occasionaly. She informed me that i would have to declare my income but as it was irregular just to let them know when i was paid. Long and short i didn't to the tune of around £1600 although the payments were mosty for work done prior to me signing on. I signed off after claiming for 3months but continued to recieve housing benefit. During the period following my signing off i had an income of around £500 and have been setting myself up as self employed. I have just manage to get my self employment sorting and have my first invoice going out for work in December. I wish to declare my earnings but as i haven't had an invoice to work from have been unable to calculate my potetial earnings until now. On my bank statement the only income i have had has been a little from my partime work and some gifts from my family. As i didn't declare the part time work i am worried that will be prosecuted for fraud. Obviously i will happly pay back any over payment of benefit but wish to avoid prosecution. How can i go about this. Also i have spoken to a couple of legal firms and have recieved advice that i shoudn't attend the interview as they are deliberatly intimidating and I may incriminate myself accidentally. Very worried as i just want to be able to declare my earnings and they haven't informed me of how i can do this, now concerned i maybe facing prosectution for fraud. Thanks
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