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  1. I have just this minute received a telephone call from a BT complaints official, a very polite gentleman with a lovely Irish accent by the name of Mr Corr, who apologised for the problems i'm having, and informed me that he has taken my case and that he has now closed my account, and is canceling all charges incurred since i requested my account be closed - a wonderful result!! What a relief!
  2. Thanks for that. I have sent an email of complaint to Ian Livingston and have already received a reply from his personal assistant, saying one of his team will call me tomorrow and investigate my complaint. I will post here what happens and if it gets resolved or not. Thanks for your imput shutmeup, appreciated
  3. Hi all. In October 2012 I hand wrote a letter to BT saying that I would no longer require their broadband and calls service after the end of October. Then at the beginning of November I received and paid my October bill. I also received an email from BT Residential Services dated 8th November which acknowledges that I have chosen to close my account. I have since had bills for November, December, and now for January. In December I spoke to customer services and I explained my situation, and that I have an email from BT Residential Services which acknowledges my request, but the lady to
  4. I have made enquiries and I won't be entitled to any benefit because my private pension exceeds the allowance paid. My pension is £330month after tax and JSA pays less than this, but I qualify for council tax benefit so I will apply for that. When I recieve Council Tax benefit, will that automatically qualify me for free prescriptions and dental treatment and specs? thank you for your information so far, I appreciate it
  5. hello everyone. I am 52, single, and I was working part time as a delivery driver until last week when my car broke down. I was employed as an owner driver and required to do my job using my own vehicle. i have had this job since my youngest left school almost 7 years ago. I was working between 14-20 hours (no set working hours) a week and made around £300-£350a month. No tax is deducted and N.I. contributions have never been deducted from my pay. I don't know why this is. I also recieve a pension from C.I.S. of £360 a month and around £30 tax is deducted from this. My boss has to le
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