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  1. I wrote a very brief e-mail to the seller earlier today and he has replied at length... In sumary he is still stating " a Trade Sale with NO warranty given or implied". Before stating "you test drove the vehicle at length and you were obviously very satisfied with all aspects of the car as we then completed the sales transaction"; which is true, I was satisfed with all aspects of the car, but I did not see the dash light as it was located behind this sticker. He also outlines that it has a long MOT which proves its road worthiness, does this affect it in anyway against the SOGA?
  2. Thanks Sailor Sam. I shall be returning to my local VW dealer today to obtain a proper written up diagnostic report and if possible asking them if they can display when the fault was first recorded and that it was covered up by a piece of tape. With this in hand, I will then proceed to contact the seller again, making him aware that the problem is more serious than anticipated and ask what he is prepared to do about it. Should I make him aware that if he dis agrees and will not rectify the situation, he is in breach of the SOGA, regardless of whether you sold the car to me as a "tr
  3. Thank you. That fills me somewhat with confidence that I have the law on my side at least. I just have to prove that the fault was there when I purchased the car I guess. Thanks for the link, very informative.
  4. Hi There Firstly, I am new to these forums but came across them through some investigating of my own. I have read a few threads of similar scenario; but I feel I am best to post my own thread so I can get some clear advice hopefully. So, I purchased a car around 4 days ago now from a "dealer" (sold cars from his own residence, but advertises on eBay, Autotrader etc.. as "dw cars" and "cars to go" and clearly reads "trade seller" on these websites. The address used on these websites is not the address I was directed to however). He told me at the time "as I got the car for a good
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