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  1. Thanks for the reply people. Will scan and post the images tonight. They have also sent me a map of the road and where the tram gateway is which may be helpful as well
  2. Hey people, Hope someone can really help me or give me some advice about this issue. About a month ago in Nottingham, I accidentally drove onto a tram route and after quickly realising did a 3 point turn and returned back out of it. Later on that week I got a fine from Nottingham City Council stating that I had been caught on an ANPR camera passing through a designated Tram Gate. I put my hands up and agreed that it was my fault and agreed that I would pay the fine. However to my surprise another fine was sent out but this time on the same day for my car caught on the ANPR camera 2 minutes later. Thats when I realised that the camera caught me on the way in and on the way out. I appealed against the second fine to say that I felt I was being penalized for correcting my mistake as I turned around when I realised I had entered a tram route. After that I assumed that was the end of that and common sense should prevail. I received a letter today from Nottingham city council telling me that the appeal had been rejected with the comments "I have noted your comments abd would advise that by turning around and re entering the tram gateway, a second contravention occured and a second penalty charge was correctly served and remains payable". After reading that letter, I am absolutely fuming and it feels like daylight robbery Someone please help me or get me some advice please!! Thanks in advance!
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