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  1. yeah i did plan to do just that... but after getting about 25 messages on my mobile from them i thougth id ring and try and sort things out..wish i hadnt now tho! the manager i spoke to was tripping up all over the place with what he was saying..thats why he hung up! i had him on so many things... my solicitor is on the case now anyhow.
  2. Hi, I had the same thing i VT'd my agreement about 2 months ago, they collected the car 2 weeks after they originally said they would collect it... then sent me a bill for over £1700 for "outstanding insurance liabilites" (which i am in the process of claiming back) as welcome have now gone into default i am applying to the FSCS for a refund. Therefore i have stopped making payments to wf much to their disgust... bury in mind i have paid about £4k over the amount which it states on my agreement i could hand back the car and owe nothing. I rang the so called manager at my local branch to disp
  3. Thankyou for your advice.. i have been sent a letter from countrywide commercial services ltd asking me to contact them regarding aranging collection of the vehicle. what should i expect to receive from the collection agent when he arrives to collect the vehicle? will he do an inspection there and then? whats to stop them driving off and then something happening and then me being liable for any damage caused by them if any? the vehicle is in the same condition as when i bought it as i have only covered 8k in just under 3 years as i have hardly used it. Should i send the V5 off to DVLA now? a
  4. Thankyou for your reply winston73.. If i carried on paying until the agreement was finalised i would end up paying around another £5,500 and by which time the car would only be worth around £2000 so i would rather just VT this and that be the end of it. I subsequently received a letter today with a breakdown of the costs of which they now say i owe them.. which is £1,705.82 which is for the "seperate agreement liabilities" whatever that is meant to be?? i really need help in which way to turn next. They're saying that an agent will be in contact with me within the next 2 weeks to arrange col
  5. Hi all.. I'm new to this site and have been reading some of the posts regarding Welcome..i'm in need of some help/advise please This is fairly long winded so please bear with me. I took out a HP Finance with welcome finance to buy a car in April 2008, the car cost £7,495 the cost of the PPI (which i was told i had to have to be accepted) was £2,566.20 the breakdown on the agreement states ..Total amount payable for goods is £13,448.20 Total amount payable for insurances £4,516.51 therefore giving me a Total amount payable sum of £17,964.71. I have been paying £367.08 monthly since the sta
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