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  1. Thanks for the replies and help. yes, using my phone for this my laptop decided it was a great time to give up this week! No, not recording calls but I will start as I can see if something is said by one of these institutions I may be able to Use it. It's so very frustrating and wrong that a bank and companies can damage you in this way and theb burden you with all this fallout when it's not your fault and potentially leaving you with a damaged financial history for years to come and simply walk away as if they have done nothing wrong. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the advice so far. The name concerned with the defaults and apparent Alias has my first name, my date or birth, my old address that I moved from almost 12 years ago, but uses my mums maiden name. it's got to be fraudulent, which is why I reported it straight away. The debt collection agency that holds the default for the credit card just told me to ring Experian and ask for the names to be disassociated as it's a different name ( Experian say they can't do that) As for t-mobile the information they sent back to Experian say they have looked at the account and d
  3. Hi, I have an issue with Barclays that I'm struggling to resolve. I applied to Barclays at the start of Feb for a new remortgage on my property. The application was completed and submitted with the supporting docs to the underwriters. I received an email a week later from the mortgage advisor stating that the fraud team had declined my mortgage based on defaulted accounts on my credit file. I was shocked at this as I haven't had any! I immediately checked my Experian report to see what they were on about. To my surprise there were two defaults. One for a cred
  4. Hi, The first policy was cancelled by Tesco as there was a problem with it and Tesco made a new policy over the phone. I pretty sure that the advisor didnt ask me about claims when setting it up. I didnt check the documents that came though on an email, i suppose wrongly due to having a lot going on at work and sorting the holiday out it slipped my mind. The letter AXA have send me regarding the non disclosure relates (according to the policy number the letter) to the 1st policy with Tesco that was cancelled and prior to the the new one being set up. Previous insurer for the cl
  5. Hi All, I need a bit of help with this as its quite complicated. I took out a home insurence policy with Tesco on thier standard cover on the 17th Dec 2012. i added on £14,000 for unspecified items cover away from the home. A month later i relised that i had made a mistake when reading the small print it stated that this was a total claim limit and wouldnt cover what i wanted. I rang Tesco and explained the situation. The advisor told me the best thing to do would be to cancel the current policy and start a new one where i could specify the item i wanted covered. She did this
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