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  1. Hi Sent LBA on 24th October 2006. With Christmas and everything else have kind of put this claim on a back burner and not taken it any further. Are we still able to proceed to the next stage of going to court or has our claim now expired. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks - pocohontas
  2. Hi, Don't know if this is the right section to post as I don't think it needs to go in the Bank Action Group Forum. Apologies if incorrectly posted. I made a switch payment back in April 2006 which was never claimed by the relevant party. I have now received correspondence asking for this payment to be made. I know that morally this should be paid but just want to know if there is a time limit before a payment becomes void and can no longer be claimed. Any advice appreciated. Payment - £90 Incentive if paid - a pair of comedy theatre tickets
  3. Hi Guys, Sent off my DPA ltr on 20 June 2006. Received an acknowledgement from Halifax on 11 July 2006. Have now received my statements and completed schedule of charges. Will be sending off my preliminary ltr tomorrow after Bank Holiday so fingers crossed! Owed - Over £400.00 plus 8% interest. Here's hoping
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