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  1. Hi Souza, Thats funny, you have asked how we are doing today and today the bank have put in a defence - THIS WAS THEIR LAST DAY TO DO SO!!! so as we thought, they have waited until the last minute to do this!!!! they are time wasting, rotten and greed ritten rats me thinks! Never mind onwards and upwards....next step allocation questionaire i think....I dont think my sister is not going to be too pleased, as she is really worried about the thought of a court appearance (same as almost everyone else on here:-| )... Let me know how you get on with the LBA Souza but Good Luck:) .. xx
  2. Hi Souza, From your posting it looks like you have sent your Prelim letter - is that right? If so, then you should receive an ackno. soon, as per the letter you have received. Take a good look at the FAQ section and read as much as you can because it is others peoples experiences and information that spurs you on and helps you to stay focused and not be frightened to death by the banks etc... you need to know what to expect and what to do or expect from the banks next. hope it goes well and keep asking the questions!! xx
  3. Hi Dappa, Hows it going, any update?? I am rivited.. xx
  4. Hi rrrach, My sisters claim is over £1200 and rising (the interest just keeps rolling, you know!?). As far as I am aware they have 28 days to enter the defence or respond by way of requesting a stay to enable negotiations at that time (mmm..though I have read that they do not actually try try to negotiate and may instead wait until the eleventh hour!). If they enter a defence, it is alocation questionnaire time and then a court date will be set.... I hope I have that right. Every time I say something I have to double check what I am saying, just in case I am wrong, so much info!!!! I hope I have helped to answer your question and good luck right back at you !!! xx
  5. Hi Angie, I am in a similar position, i am helping a sister but the nerves are immense... I am reading all the time and I think I am right in saying that you cannot carry on with online claim due to a defence being filed....this is because when a defence is filed the case is then transferred to your local court... I think that is right but if someone knows I am wrong then please let us know. Read the FAQ's Angie and all the information BF and others have posted on the court procedures in Bank Templates...but dont panic. Know you are in the right, then just make sure you get to grips with what may or can happen with your case..Read, read, read... you have to be prepared for this as it is not easy and certainly racks the nerves but it is not the legal basis that is at stake really, it is taking on such big institutions on your own. About other fees, I know there is another fee of about £100 I think related to completing an allocation questionnaire but again this can be claimed back from the bank anyway. Hopefully someone a bit more confident will come along and help you angie and good luck.. xx
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/634-5-guide-notes-completing.html Hi Lillyoshy, I hope I have posted this link right for you, also sorry my mistake, the information i was trying to direct you to was in the bank templates info.... Hope this is ok..i have looked at your postings and they are all seperate, if you just keep posting a reply or question in this one then you will have a thread you and others can read and follow easily, just a suggestion but it helps really.. Another thing dont send anything in to the court until you have made sure you have got all the right information on it as the court will just throw it out. It looks like they have given you the opportunity to right it this time but a moderator would be able to confirm all this for you. Good Luck lilly. xx
  7. Hi lillyoshy, I hope a mod sees this and helps but for me it sounds as though you have not followed the instructions given in FAQ's about how to complete your moneyclaim.... the particulars you should have entered are there for you to read, im sorry i dont know how to post a link for you to click on but go to FAQ and then the posting about filling in your particulars of claim... this includes the legal basis of your claim i.e you contend that the charges are disproportionate penalties and not a true reflection of the cost of your breach etc, why and how much interest you are claiming, etc.... Do you remember what you put on your claim form in the particulars of claim? Hope this helps but I will try to work out how to post that link for you. xx
  8. Hi Saj, Thanks for the support.. I will keep updating but nothing for now as Lloyds now have half of the 28 days left and I think they will probably wait until the last moment (as other peoples experience have highlighted again and again)...but then again, you never know.. xx
  9. Hi, Just wanted to start a thread to document a new claim issued against Lloyds TSB on 5th September, received confirmation of acklowedgment on 12th September. The claim is my sisters and I am just assisting and giving support but this site and all contributors have given us much guidance and assistance (plus a healthy dose of common sense:D). I have been reading and claiming for a few months now but this is the first that has not been settled - so here goes.. i will keep reading and i am aware of the general procedures but also aware that slight variations can put in jeopardy what is being reclaimed so i hope you can support us.... is anyone else online helping a friend, relative? I will register her claim no. etc now.... Good Luck everyone but any words of encouragment would be very happily received. xx
  10. Hi Saj, I have just spent the last twenty mins reading your thread, fascinating and easy to see the support and the motivation you are getting from it. I have claimed for a couple and unfortunately finances so bad i have been forced to settle. I am however helping my sister to claim from Lloyds, we have issued proceedings and bank acknowledged on 12th September. I will now start a thread on behalf of my sister but I hope that I receive the support you have....good luck Saj... xxx
  11. Hi Everyone, Just an update really but I have again bent and accepted £240 from CapOne in F&F settelement of my claim. I hope I am not adding to the reason everyone who is determined to go the whole way are being messed about by the banks and credit cards (that is, I just cannot afford to wait and the cost of the numerous county court actions is just beyond me financially - therefore I have settled in two cases now). I know it is a private decision but you just know the banks etc are relying on the fact that only a proportion of people are able and willing to play the game with them! and the longer and more tedious this is the more chance that a few more people will be put off and settle. i feel like a scab! so sorry.. On a lighter note I intend to donate to the site when I can but I am unable to at the moment, the £240 from Cap One is just paying off what I am over the limit. Thanks to everyone Angela xx
  12. Hi Everyone, I did email the MCOL (address provided by Vckyjam:D ) and they replied saying thank you for the attached documentation in support of claim no. ******* - this has been attached to the court file. So I have found this method has been accepted in my case too... Hope everyone is doing ok and I will keep looking on your thread to keep an eye on how you are doing and give support!! Angela xx
  13. Hi there, the moneyclaim site is not too bad as they go and quite straightforward to one who is not up to speed on the information superhighway (me!). you need to register first and choose a cust ID and password. they will ask you to fill in a few detainls (email etc) then you can enter to start a claim. I have heard lots of good things about the Patricia Pearl book (i have a different one) but that will help you to get the right details in the right places... (imperative so you dont sue yourself or miss out crucial legal basis for your claim and have it thrown out).. and have a look in the library, BF and others have put some info re what needs to be on your particulars of claim and what to watch out for.. its really informative. Just make sure you read all this and know what the basis is for your claim, read, read, read... and then go for it... carefully. Good Luck and happy reading. You can PM me if you like but all the info is on here. xx
  14. Hello Tracey, Yes you will inevitably receive the sod off letter and the go to the ombusman letter.... i am just at the stage of completing MCOL in the morning... Good Luck and as already said really look around the site and find out the procedure, some of the info on threads is not only interesting but really useful. Angela xx
  15. Hi DaveandMel, I am the same stage as you and am trying to enter my MCOL, I hope you dont mind me interupting your thread but you got a reply from vckyjam earlier about "emailing the spreadsheet to them" but I dont understand. I did PM vckyjam but thought as I have been looking for the answer to this particular question (then others may be looking for the same info too) I would ask if vckyjam or anyone else would tell us on your thread if the schedule spreadsheet was emailed to the court via MCOL or the bank.. and if so how and where.. Sorry to butt in... and Good Luck Angela xx
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