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  1. The important point was there but as I did represented myself with no legal back ground I failed to point that point to the Judge. It was until I contacted a solicitor who Appeal on my behalf when it came to light. refer to the attachment to this email from Employment Appeal Tribunal referral Judgement . The Judge has given me 30 day for the case to be re-review again at Employment Tribunal. Thanks for helping.
  2. I have attached a copy of the judgement at Employment Appeal Tribunal for advice and what to do please? I am very desperate, need help as the solicitor is charging me very high and cannot afford.
  3. What I mean is that will the employment Tribunal say the evidence should have been heard earlier? or too late to hear?
  4. I had Employment Tribunal Judgement against me, as at the time I represented myself, stress, confuse and missed the important point. I had a solicitor who filed an appeal on my behalf later. At the appeal hearing the Judge gave me 30 days to go back to the Employment Tribunal for fresh review with regards to the important point to be considered. Is there any chance for the point to be heard again at Employment Tribunal as requested by the appeal hearing Judge? Can Employment Tribunal say the time had expired?
  5. Brilliant thanks for the advice.. Should I make contact with both parties via phone and email? Or do you know whether one is preferred over the other? Regarding proof of my sickness... I have proof from the hospital.
  6. I have a hearing coming soon at the employment appeal tribunal. Yesterday I was supposed to lodge two copies of an indexed and paginated bundle of documents. However I was unable to do this because I was taken in to hospital on suspicions of a heart attack. The deadline has passed to lodge the bundle. I am simply after some advice on what I should do. Thanks for any help.
  7. I have began keeping a diary what is a call out entry? In any case I am very frustrated as it appears like landlords have no rights. I have repaired this boiler 4-5 times this year alone. It has also been serviced in recent months. I get charged up to £200 each visit and I know that my tenant is the one who is deliberately sabotaging the boiler. But because I have no physical proof I have to continue to cough up money as if it grows on trees. She now claims that the central heating works, but the cold water does not. And she says that it has been like this for an entire month. So for an entire month she never bothered to tell me... Instead she chose to boil pots of water on the stove to have a bath/shower...
  8. My tenant will touch the boiler to sabotage it, so that I am left with the headache and expense... She has a history of this... Are there any other options apart from schemes from british gas... i.e. landlord insurance (direct line)?
  9. Firstly thank you for your response. When I say "given to the council" I mean that I purchased a flat. Decided that I would like to rent it out. I approached the council for them to find me a tenant and pay me rent. Hope this is a bit clearer. I do not have the tenancy agreement in front of me. However I do remember it saying under landlord obligation that I must keep in good repair and working order all appliances, plumbing, electrical equipment etc. However if the goods are damaged due to neglect or misuse the tenant should pay me. Earlier this year my landlord was reported to the police from damage to my property. I remember they mentioned that the council was responsible for repairs (such as boiler faults) and that I would have to provide two estimates for work. Does any of this sound right? When you say (local) agency/management company what do you mean? What would be the benefit? Could I get a few company names? Regarding the boiler needing filling up. This is due to water pressure dropping below the recommended level.
  10. I own a flat which I have given to the council for renting. My tenant is a nightmare. I constantly get phone calls about "faulty equipment" which is always due neglect and misuse. A constant running theme is my tenant always calling about the boiler "breaking down". She has been in the flat for 1year and in that time I have been called over 10 times to fix the boiler alone. This costs are adding up and I am getting a little fed up atm. Most times the boiler stops working is due to her over filling or failing to fill the boiler to the correct level. This forces the boiler to lock up. It is a new boiler (under 3 yrs old) and I believe that my tenant is deliberately sabotaging the boiler (as she has admitted to doing this in the past). I work many hours and live far away from the flat so it is not easy for me to just go and inspect it. Is there anything I can do because like I said the bills are mounting up... Should the council take some sort of responsibility? Should I get some sort of insurance to cover these things?
  11. I will get back to you with this information ASAP
  12. Well that's good to know:-) No problem. You as well as the other posters are doing me a big favour. So thanking you and answering your questions is the least I can do. I do not believe that the respondant sent such a letter but I will search all my documentation to confirm this. Out of curiosity if such a letter was sent what happens next? What are the potential implications? This definitely did not happen.
  13. Yes I am. I do not fully understand what you mean by this. What I do know is that I have a basic work pension and I have been a member of this for the past four years.
  14. Correct the respondants costs haven't been granted yet. and yes they have made an application to the ET for the costs.
  15. Firstly thank you for the kinds words and yes I am talking about taking my pension early. Employment tribunal court. My case went to a mediation (my employers wanted this as opposed to going to court) My employers knew that they were wrong and so were adamant to settle my case for a sum of money. The money was laid out for me... I refused to accept it, instead wanting my day in court However my employers claim that I did accept the money... We went to court so a judge could settle the dispute (over who accepted what etc). The judge sided with my employers. Now my employers solicitors want money to cover their cost... and that bring me here, seeking some advice and help.
  16. I lost an appeal and my employers solicitors are claiming expenses. This is a very large amount. Put simply they want a figure I just cant afford. I am very sick and have little to no money coming in. However I have a cost hearing rapidly approaching and I would like a bit of advice regarding my options. In addition I have a couple of questions. 1. If I feel like I will be unfit to attend the cost hearing, what would you advise I do? 2. Do I need to go to court with specific things such as payslips, bank statements etc to prove my financial state. Also is there any chance the judge will show compassion or even waive the fee (because of my financial state)? 3. Can I withdraw my pension from my (now former) employers? Thanks in advance for the help.
  17. ihateeyes Thank you for this advice... I will definitely be doing all that you've said. As we speak a private company is here, working on my boiler. Will I have piping hot water and heat by the end of the day? Will keep you posted. On a side note I'm so glad I found this forum, you guys have been brilliant.
  18. Update As suspected, nobody called me regarding my complaint and work for my boiler. So I called npower once again and the staff member said that they've already booked an engineer out to come and see me tomorrow. (07/01/2011) Again they provided me with the engineers contact number. This time I decided to call the engineer immediately to confirm the appointment. After only getting through to his voicemail a few times, I finally get ahold of the engineer, and guess what? He says that npower have booked nothing for him at my address. Deja vu. He was actually frustrated as he says that that he's received numerous phone calls from customers like me for phantom job. Tomorrow I will have to take a gamble and call out a private worker. If npower have there way, they'd gladly take my money every month and sweep my complaints under the carpet. I'm really at a loss for words, that such an established company, could treat there customers so badly. Especially at a time like this. Is there anything more I can do apart from cancelling my membership and try get my complaint acknowledged?
  19. My boiler broke down about a week and a half ago. I immediately contacted npower as I'm on there hometeam 50 membership. After the first phone call they sent out an engineer who said that they would not work on the boiler because a previous person who worked on it (also npower) had done a cowboy job on it. So he would not touch it. I made numerous calls to npower to get this sorted and they said that a manager would call me back. After waiting a day with no call I call the helpline number again (0800 980 5975). They say the manager will call once again. This time the manager by the name of James did. This was on Tuesday evening. He said that an engineer will be sent out for the 05/01/11 in between 8am and 5pm. I spent the whole day waiting and low and behold nobody shows up. Fearing this would happen I called up the helpline during the afternoon to get the contact number of the engineer. I got it and called him at around 5:30pm and guess what he said that he had no record of my job and that he had not been booked to it. So I called npower again and it's always the same story.... Put you on hold for 20+mins (at least it's a free call)... pass you onto someone else.... Stay on hold some more cause the manager is not available etc... Then take your contact number with the promise that they will call you back (but they won’t). Another day goes by and I have no heat or hot water. I then decided to contact head office this morning and the worker said that she had passed on my complaint to a senior manager and I will be contacted by said manager before 4pm. In fact as a gesture of goodwill she said that she would give me a call around tea time to see if I got the call or what is happening... It's nearly 4pm and I've received no call from management or anyone.... and more importantly my boiler is still not fixed... I don't know how much longer I can go without any heat. It looks like I will be forced to get a private worker. I can not believe that this is happening.
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