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  1. Update: I'm glad to say that everything has been sorted now. The plaster was apologetic and he's done a fine job with the ceiling I offered him some cash and a drink, but he refused. Nice chap and will definitely use again (assuming the other rooms don't collapse:) Finally, thanks guys for your help and advice.. You're always brilliant!
  2. Update He came over and stated that 'he couldn't have foreseen the ceiling collapse, as he did not know whether paper was underneath the artex Interestingly, when I asked whether my kitchen and bedroom ceiling would collapse, he said 'No' as he checked and their was no paper. Nevertheless, the plasterer has agreed to return tomorrow morning to sort out the ceiling at no cost, so that's a positive sign I agree
  3. I have artex ceiling throughout my house which I wanted to get smooth When the plasterer came around he said that he would simple apply bonding, then skim the ceiling to a smooth finish. I suggested that he reboard the ceiling and then skim, however he was adamant that just skimming would be fine 'as he does this all the time'. Well less than 24hrs after skimming my room, the entire ceiling collapsed (with my mother in the room) I immediately called the plasterer and he tried to sherk responsibility.. then begrudgingly stated that he will come around later to inspect the ceiling I found this guy on a website like check-a-trade and I paid him via cash (never again) I would like to cover all my bases, so I would like advice on what I should do in this situation He said that I can clean up the plaster, but I have left it on the floor as proof and am I right in saying that he should be responsible for the clean up?
  4. I am half tempted to 'let this go'... acquire the dash cam and catch him in the act The other half of me wants and apology and the promise that he won't come near my car again pics have been taken.. i do not see any fresh paint thanks for the help guys
  5. We were (rear) bumper to (rear) bumper
  6. My neighbor has a habit of parking too close to my vehicles This coincides with the fact that my car has been picking up mysterious dents and scratches for some time now.. This morning I noticed that my neighbors car was parked nose to nose with mine... Shortly after, he got into his car and backed straight into my rear bumper.. I witnessed the entire incident.. However before I could get outside, he'd sped off I just wanted some advise on how you would deal with this situation I am furious, but want to make sure that I do not overreact. The fact that I have always been very cordial with my neighbor makes the incident the more baffling, because if I had not witnessed the incident, my neighbor would pretend that nothing had happened.. and he would smile and ask how my day/evening was like he usually does..
  7. Contacting check a trade may just be my next course of action.. I will also send out a written letter i.e. a final ultimatum According to the 'which' website they state that you can hire another firm to correct the defects.. Following on from this, you would take the original company to a small claims court to pay all the charges incurred.. What are your thoughts on this? I was not given a FENCA certificate.. I am guessing that I should have been? I do not know if they comply with current building regulations. How can I verify whether this is the case?
  8. Thanks for your reply.. At the moment, I would prefer not to go down the route of naming and shaming.. All I would like is for the problem to be rectified. As they have not responded to my emails, I was hoping someone had some advice on what action I could take?
  9. Recently, I had some UPVC windows fitted.. Shortly after the job, I noticed that there were a number of defects with the glass and frame i.e. cracked glass, damage to frame etc As per the company's guarantee/policy I contacted the firm. I was then told to email them detailing the issues. I did this immediately, however they ignored my email. So a week later I called again. I was given no apology, instead I was told to provide some additional details, which I did. In my follow up email, I politely asked to be contacted within 7 days to arrange for remedial work to take place... Once again, they have ignored my email. I am looking for advice on what I should do? If it helps, the firm is a 'check a trade' listed company.. However I am shocked that a firm would act like this.
  10. Thanks for your response... Just so that I am clear... are you saying that I can cancel the care services altogether and my attendance allowance will not be affected? Or are you saying that switching to another care provider (of my choice) will not affect my Attendance Allowance? Do I need to inform anyone regarding these changes if I go with either option?
  11. Currently I am receiving Attendance allowance as I am disabled and require care. The company that handle my care are independent organisation who were provided to me by my local council. Presently, I receive care from the company twice a day, however I am unhappy with their workers and the level of service in general. What I would like to know is whether I can withdraw all or part (i.e. receive care once a day) of the service from this care company without affecting my 'Attendance Allowance?' Additionally, would it be possible for me to cancel this care service and select another private organisation of my choosing? Do I have to inform the DWP? Will my attendance allowance be affected? Thanks
  12. I have just emailed an official complaint.
  13. Thanks for the responses. While this individual is getting a free ride off my oyster, I am not paying any additional fees because they are travelling within the zones permitted. Also TFL stated that they are aware that the card is no longer in my possession, so any charges will not be attributed to me. The thing that bothers me is that TFL's website clearly states that if your 'Oyster photocard is lost, stolen or damaged online. Once reported, we'll stop it and send you a replacement' http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/14629.aspx but they have not done this. And when I called, the gentleman stated that he could not cancel the card, however he would escalate my query. Not really sure what to do.
  14. My annual travel card was stolen earlier this week. I informed the police and TFL (who I assumed would cancel the stolen card). However looking at my journey history (online) I can see that the individual who stole my card is making daily journeys throughout London on my card. I just called TFL to ask whether they would cancel the card and the gentleman replied that unless he is stopped by an inspector he does not believe that there is much that can be done. However he said that he will escalate my query to his supervisor. I am very upset, because not only was my card stolen, but this individual is getting a free ride off my hard earned cash. Is there something more I can do?
  15. As Jamberson suggested, my appeal has just been rejected. I will be back with more info.
  16. stuckinarut11 , stu007 and 58andyorch Thanks for your help... You guys were brilliant.
  17. Thanks for your reply. My court case is actually tomorrow. However I only just noticed that the respondents application notice fails to have a court seal? As a result, I believe that this makes their documentation invalid. What are your thoughts? Additionally, who would be the best person for me to raise my concern with?
  18. I have a court case coming up and have a query Is an application notice (from the respondent) valid without a court seal? (i.e.the court rubber stamp which prints the date and time of the court order) The seal I am referring to is the circular stamp in the pic above
  19. @TheBogsDollocks I love you! I will appeal and report on how I get on. Btw do you have any idea on the sucess rate with this appeal? Where I am from, they will laugh at that reasoning My council are some money grubbing bas... Ummm I better stop.
  20. So i don't have a leg to stand on? Edit i'll take that as a no. in any case thanks for your help.
  21. absolutely. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Hobart+Gardens,+Croydon&hl=en&ll=51.401346,-0.095755&spn=0.000949,0.002642&sll=51.401286,-0.096395&sspn=0.000955,0.002642&oq=hobart&hnear=Hobart+Gardens,+Croydon,+Greater+London,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=51.401286,-0.096395&panoid=XS2tzfGZRjgUdiu9teGjIg&cbp=12,56.21,,0,3.25 For reference I was parked where the blue focus is... I assume that the focus is a resident of that road as that vehicle is seen in the pics that I took.
  22. I just received a ticket for "parking with one or more wheels on or over a footpath" Yes, my vehicle was parked on the curb (pic 1), however I did this because the road sign (in front of me) instructed me to (see pic 2) As you can see from pic 3 other vehicles on the street had done the same. After getting the PCN I was dumbfounded so I took pics and looked around. I then notice that directly behind the the road sign (pic 2) was another road sign which said no parking on the road. However the row of cars (pic 3) had all parked with their wheels on the road. I will appeal this PCN, however I like you opinion on whether I am right or wrong. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  23. I have made a claim against an organisation, and when the organisation sent their defence they claimed to have changed their name. However looking on the companies website (which is updated regularly) there is no information on any name change. In short I believe this to be false. What would you advise I do? Also am I correct in saying that only the Certification officer can change an organisation's name?
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