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  1. It's worth noting the dubious, if allegedly legal, practices that Creation resort to. I got a laptop from an electrical dealership last month, with a deposit and apparently interest free credit for the remainder, over 6 months. A simple, straightforward transaction, you may think. The retailer's financial agents are Creation Consumer Finance. Having spoken to Creation about paying this on time, they eventually wrote to me with their bank details, over TEN days after I requested it. They did not include the monthly payments I needed to make in order to evade punitive interest charges, as they explicitly said they would do. I rang them again, and they said that it 'isn't company policy' to include the payment rate, but the call is being recorded so it can be considered as evidence. Evidence they might conceivably 'lose' if the situation warrants it. In other words, they don't give you documentary evidence in case they claim you haven't paid the full amount on time, and interest subsequently kicks in. Anyway, I worked it out with them over the 'phone, and instructed my bank to make the staggered payments to the full amount payable well before the last date for the 6-month period. I also asked my bank to give me a copy of this transaction for future reference. So, be careful, as they may try to get you to breach your agreement; they're not very helpful, not very customer-friendly in recent experience, and they also charge a £25 'administration fee' (code for a freebie to them) for the customer settling the transaction on time and in full! It sems to me that they operate in a very irregular and manipulative way to squeeze as much as possible out of the hapless and, in some cases, less than knowledgeable customer. Be careful ...
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