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  1. thats encouraging, please post it here when you have it. thanks
  2. heres another question for you, is there any place that i can find out how many cases against the halifax for non signature, or incorrect agreements that have gone against the halifax, does anybody hold that sort of info.
  3. thanks for all the responses, I hoped that this was the case, because i wanted to negotiate a settlement, and their idea of a settlement is to knock a thousand pounds off the debt, which i cant afford, if i could afford that then i could pay the whole debt which seems totally unrealistic, but hopefully this will work to my advantage.
  4. thanks very much everyone all your replies have been extremely helpful, and I will let you know how I get on.
  5. to be honest this is what worries me, they cannot produce the original, as ive said ive had the credit card for over 15 years, i cannot ever remember seeing an agreement, but how do i prove that!
  6. thanks guys and girls for all your responses, I need to consider what I am going to do next, it all seems a bit daunting at the moment. must get my thinking hat on. but I really appreciate your advice, and am glad ive found this site.
  7. thanks for all the replies, I dont bank with halifax, so theyve got no access to my money other than what i send them, to be honest I am still in a quandry, i previously tried to negotiate a settlement, but they ignored my letter, I was hoping to negotiate again using the unenforceability to my advantage, however have read a few more threads on reclaiming interest, is there anything I can do there before i start again?
  8. hi thanks for all the replies, the token payment was accepted by telephone, and I have been paying it for about 6 months when they decided to pass it on to the dca, they suspended the interest and charges on the account in that time.
  9. thank you alfwithair, the original creditor is halifax, not sure about the dca, think it is either their inhouse one, or one they use all the time, apex something i think. i dont think it has been sold, i havent been told that is has, a default notice was issued when i was having difficulties, the debt is for 9,000, there is no ppi, i dont know about unlawful charges, not sure what they are, and i stopped paying token amounts until i had the agreement sent to me, which they have only just done, but a reconstituted version, not sure what to do next, do i resume paying, ive only missed two payments while i got this sorted. what do i do next. thanks again.
  10. sorry if this is in the wrong the place Im new to site and hoping to get some advice. Ive had a credit card for the last 15 years and last year got into difficulties with the recession, I requested a copy of my signed agreement, and they sent me a letter saying they didnt have it, but nor did they need it to enforce the debt, theyve sent me a reconstituted version saying that it is perfectly legal and they dont need my signature. is this true, can they enforce the debt with a signature or the original agreement?. they have now passed the debt to a collection agency, and am now stuck as to what to do next, any help will be gratefully received, as ive read quite a few threads and am even more confused.
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