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  1. Just been trying for 2 hrs to get my credit report from Equifax after filling in on-line form. After spending time inputting all the information there form wont recognise your credit card number. Try it several times and waste 1 hour still wont accept it. Next spend 30 minutes trying to find contact phone number on site non available. get contact phone number from Saynoto0870 By tne way its 0800 0665825 But you need to understand Hindustani. Spend 15 minutes telling him website doesn't work and him checking god knows what. He then says he can take application over phone GREAT No he wants to make additional charge for taking it over the phone. fee is set by law at £2 so I refuse. Isn't wonderful how easy the government makes these processes.
  2. Whilst travelling in Thailand recently I had my visa card stolen (not by prostitute in room but on main street). I was surprised when I phoned Barclays to be told they would only send a replacement card to my home address and to get a cash transfer I would have to return to my branch in the UK and make the transfer from there (14000 miles and £1200 airfares). SO BE WARNED IF YOU LOSE OR HAVE YOUR VISA CARD STOLEN BARCLAYS BANK WILL LET YOU STARVE TO DEATH IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY
  3. Hi Basis for my claim is that barclays have obligation to carry out my instruction (bank customer relationship is one of master and servant means banks should carry out instructions of customers). Also negligence in respect of breach of duty of care owed to customers not to allow them to starve in forein countries by witholding there funds.
  4. Freakyleaky----I have pamphlet which tells me how wonderfully easy it is to use card abroad but nothing covering what happens in the event of loss.
  5. I am in the process of commencing a damages claim against BARCLAYS BANK in the county court. The case concerns the theft of my bank cards whilst abroad and BARCLAYS refusal to send me emergency cash or replacement card, and effectively leaving me to starve to death in a foreign country (they actually told me I would have to return to my BARCLAYS branch in the UK to make a cash transfer, 14000 miles and £1200 airfares). This was despite BARCLAYS having a branch in the city I was in. Anyone with a similar experience? Anyone have any advice about how to take action I am claiming £5000 damages for negligence.
  6. Following the advice of the promotions for bank visa cards I decided I would use my cards for obtaining cash whilst abroad. My cards were stolen and when I asked Barclays bank to transfer money and or replace cards I was told if I wanted to transfer money abroad I would have to return to my branch and do the transfer from there, (14000 miles and £1200 airfares). They said they could only send replacement cards to my home address not much good if no one is there to send the cards on. I think that the banks attitude was obstructive and insensitive to my situation, (they in effect told me I would have to starve to death in a foreign country). I find their attitude tottally unreasonable particulary as they do not mention in their promotins that if you lose or have cards stolen they will leave you to starve. Barclays had a branch in the city I was in and there was also a visa branch. so I do not understand why a transfer could not have been made. I am now suing Barclays for negligence so any opinions or advice would be very welcome.
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