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  1. Thank you for your quick reply. After reading bits on here i'm not stressing that much now after finding out what DCA can and can't do and how liittle power baliffs have unless it goes to court
  2. Thank you for your replys:-) Sand dancer i still have the D/N'S it looks like their did everything correctly. Bazooka boo that is a sad story the poor women and her family. It looks like i haven't got a choice and have to deal with them. Pgh7447 I'm still on JSA so the most i can offer them will be about £5 a month if their don't accept it I will report them to the OFT. Are there any proper letters to send or will a simple i'm on JSA and the most i can pay is £5 a month and under OFT guide lines you can't refuse any resonable offer. Sorry about the late reply been havin problems with the computer.
  3. I took a loan out in 2007 but was made redundant in December 2008 my ppi paid out for 12 months. The last payment on 1/2/2010 i went and got some free legal advice and i got them to ring Santander on my behalf i stupidly agreed to pay £45 a Month they said they will not accept anything less. I was getting £50 a week JSA out of this i was paying Littlewoods, Argos, My board and a contract mobile. I made three payments then stopped because i couldn't afford it. I have paid of the contract mobile now and get £61 a week JSA I ignored letters from Santander for abit and then offered a payment of £10 a Month for 6 Months. But i got a reply back from Debt Management And Recovery Services saying thank you for your offer of payment however we can't accept it . I just ignored letters from Santander I then recieved 2 default notices from them served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. I then got another saying this is a letter confirming the termination of your personal loan agreement with Santander and the balance will either passed on or sold to a debt collection agency for recovery. Wescot credit services then started calling my mum answered and when wescot asked for me she said i will just get him. when i got to the phone i didn't answer any questions and just put the phone down had a few more calls but i just put the phone down if its them. Wescots then sent me a red topped letter saying. We have been instructed by our client to collect the balance on their behalf I just ignored this letter. I then got a letter saying FINAL NOTICE and our latest enquiries have now confirmed that you are still resident at this address again I stupidly ignored this letter and I have now recieved a letter from Nelson Guest And Partners Solicitors saying unless full payment is made or a suitable payment plan is agreed within 10 days of this letter further recovery activity will be undertaken. To prevent further action please ring wescot urgently. I have no intention in ringing them. I don't know what to do shall i ask for a CCA. This is stressing me out so much i havent slept propley for a couple of days because i live with my parents and younger brother i don't want baliffs coming round and taking their stuff.
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