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  1. It is my usual payment what I have recieved since my tribunal,was put into the work group,not the support group,but have not heard from them until was sent for second medical approx 6 months since my first medical.I read on the forum if they carry on paying benefit it means I would have got enough points,is this right do you no? Its a week tomorrow when had the medical,maybe it hasn't been sorted yet,i just don't feel i would have been so fortunate for them to give me points at all,last time was 0 points,then i appealed to tribunal got 18 points.Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi!! I went for my second Atos medical on 12th Jan,6 days ago,not heard nothing,but was surprised that my payment had been paid,I failed the first medical last year,but appealed to tribunal and won,was called back last week for another medical,what a nightmare!! What i am wondering is does anyone no if getting paid is an indication that I have gained anough points,as i read that it is,I really was worried but today found out payment in my account,could someone help me if no,it is so worrying,as it is for us all!! Thanks!:?:Ps. Or maybe they haven't dealt with paper work yet,but think they let
  3. Thanks so much for replies,silly me I didn't see your replies,and put in a question again. I def will be going alone,which doesn't look good at all,but it is only a short drive away from here,im not sure wether it would be best to get a taxi,as saying im driving they will naturally say im capable etc,but I hardly use the car,and only when the roads are quite after tea time.Perhaps it wont matter as i doubt i will be given any points,just have to appeal again.Do you think anyone from the cab would come to medical with me?I no they do for tribunals.Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Hi Im at the moment recieving ESA for back problems,anxiety,depression. I have to go back for medical next week after winning my appeal 6 months ago.What it is my back has got worse,and i feel i may not be able to work again if this cant be rectified,im asking my gp if he will send me to pain clinic,my medication doesn't seem to be working now.I will be 60yrs old next year,but I can not get pension until im 62 what ive read on pension sites.What id like to no does anyone no if I would be able to get Pension Credit next year when im 60 because of ill health? My ex is only 61 has bad headaches a
  5. Hi everyone. Im so glad ive found this forum,hope someone can help and advise me. I had my first Atos medical last year,for back pain,and depression,ive suffered from really bad back problem for just over 3 years now,also have really bad tinnitus in left ear,keeps me awake all night,plus pain some night etc. I got 0 points,went to tribunal and they gave me 18 points on my letter though it did not mention my back,but hearing,and learning.I did have a lady from CAB with me think she was a welfare rights officer,and she helped alot,plus letter from my GP who said I was unfit to work.Now 6 months
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