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  1. I was after some help, I took out a secured loan with Bleamin Finance in 2007 and in 2008 they sent me a letter saying that they had not had a payment from me. I checked with my bank and discovered that Bleamin Finance had cancelled my direct debit. I rang them bak and told them what had happended but they said that they knew nothing about it. I then asked to set up a new direct debit them and they said they would send me a form to complete, which I never recieved. THey then sent letters from Monarch Recoveries and I explaine dto Monarch the situation and they said to contact Bleamain which I did and again had no joy. Tehy also claimed taht they never recieved any of my letters and I sent them numerous copies, so glad I kept copies. I offered to clear some of the outstanding balance but was told they would look into it. Letters were going back and forth for months and they did not offer me any help or advice. I have on numerous occassions tried to speak to a manager and have copies of the telpehone converstations as they claim that they are recorded, to date had no joy. They have now treid to respossess my house, they claimed that on two occassions they sent someone to my property to talk to me about the situation, I asked when and why they did not leave a card to say they had called or provide me with a letter to say that they were sending someone, could not give me an answer. i recieved a letter 10 days ago to say that they were going to respossess house on the 17th January 2011. WHen I rang them about the letter, I was called stupid for not keeping up the payments, I explained taht I have tried so many times to pay some money to them, only to be palmed off to other departments and then had the phone put down on me. I also aksed if they told my mortgage company about the repossession order and they told me it is nothing to do with my mortgage company. I have managed to get the copurt changed for 2 weeks time and would like some advice on what to do.
  2. Hi I am having the same problem as yourself, what is your current situation and did you sort out whether the loan a was unenforceable.
  3. I have been given bad advice and out of pocket a lot of money and really need some advice. I paid to have a company help me write off my secured loan (they also told me to stop paying the loan which I did on their advice). A 1 1/2 later nothing has happened from the company concerned and I have now recieved repossession papers for my house and the company concerned will not help me. What can I do
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