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  1. Have you been in touch with Npower about the matter? Have you kept the records of your account?
  2. No, they aren't but that doesn't make your situation any the less disagreeable. Your situation sounds rather similar to mine, which I find very difficult to bear. I have no patience with people, usually considerably better off than me, who tell me that I should think myself lucky and count my blessings. It isn't for others to decide whether or not one is 'lucky' or 'relatively well off' if you find your situation difficult to cope with. I know from my own circumstances that yours are unpleasant and I sympathise with you. I hope things have improved for you in the last nine months.
  3. Here we are two months later and I haven't had any sort of follow up, having ignored the original letter after reading posts and comments here at CAG. I'm in a much better personal position now and thinking carefully about taking on the alleged original creditor. 'Red ink' is just that, it can't hurt you. Keep a cool head and take a deep breath before taking careful aim, then let the barstewards have it with both barrels.
  4. I've had the same letters, both dated 31/01 - although my alleged date of default was in April 2011. Brought up to regard debt as deeply shameful my first reaction was the usual anxiety about possible legal action for debt. However, that very quickly changed to mild euphoria at the prospect of fighting back. I'm worried, of course, and my circumstances are far from ideal - no PC, printer, internet etc and entirely dependent for ICT on the local library, which is very far from ideal but much much better than nothing at all. I'm suffering from depression and under considerable personal strain, but I've never been afraid to fight back and with the information and support available here at CAG and at GOoDF, and other places, I'm going to take them on. My first act will be a CCA request, then I'll take it from there.
  5. Hello creditangel I'm not a moderator or adviser here but I have a Monument account that is being handled by C.A.R.S and I have had trouble from the latter. Firstly, I must admit that, contrary to the excellent advice repeatedly offered here, I have spoken to C.A.R.S. by telephone, although from today I will no longer do so. My problems have stemmed from what appears to be a communications failure between the creditor and the DCA which has resulted in C.A.R.S twice sending me the usual red splattered threatening letter, even though the agreed payment has been made before the due date and is shown on the monthly statement. This is how I handle my Monument account and C.A.R.S: I pay by Standing Order to Monument, not C.A.R.S.. I do not allow C.A.R.S staff to talk over me on the telephone; I say what I wish and hang up. In response to C.A.R.S' assertion that I must pay them instead of Monument I state clearly that my contract is with the latter and I will continue to pay them until they instruct me to pay another company. I refuse point blank to give any bank details to DCAs and never make payments to creditors by debit card (as a general rule I always contact my bank when, occasionally, someone uses my details to make an unauthorised withdrawal). I never make payments to creditors and DCAs by Direct Debit as that takes control over my bank account out of my hands. I always pay by Standing Order.
  6. Thank you for that, I'll look it up. Addendum (14/07, 16:35): Information can be found here:http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/thelibrary/tax-paye/employer-errors-deduction-paye.pdf
  7. HMRC are claiming £350.00 underpayment for the tax year 2009/10. The problem arose because I had two jobs: a daytime job, which was my main source of income, and an evening and weekend job which was the second source. It seems that the second employer failed to inform HMRC and claimed the full allowances for me for that year. My employer was certainly aware of my other job as it imposed restrictions on my availability, and I'm sure I completed the relevant paperwork. I have no job at present and am not in receipt of any benefits, so have no income of any kind, nor any reserves. My wife will ahve to pay and we are finding thinks thin enough as it is Am I liable for the underpayment, or, if so, can I request that the sum is added to my tax bill when I do find work?
  8. Many thanks, and a happy new year to you.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new to CAG and still trying to find my way around the stacks, as it were. I'm in debt and in difficulties, and I'm currently dealing with a DCA (Mercers). I've already found information here that will be invaluable in demonstrating to the (Edit) I'm dealing with that I can defend myself and am not a push-over. I'm sure that at some stage I will post accounts of my experiences dealing with banks, store cards, credit cards, loans and CCCS, whose advice caused me a good deal of inconvenience, and occasionally does still, incurred unnecessary costs and whose incompetence resulted in the increase of the amounts I owed and owe. I had eight steadily growing debts three years ago. I ditched CCCS and now have only two. Under CCCS my store card debt very nearly doubled because of the charges that were added. Don't let the (Edit) get away with it.
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