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  1. UPDATE Ok so still nothing from Graham White, surprise surprise! Had a letter from Nationwide this morning, a few extracts: "I am working with Roxburghe to investigate these matters and any changes to letters and account management that the findings of this review requires will be concluded in the short term" GOOD! But even better: "With regard to the balance outstanding on your account I confirm that on review of the circumstances this has now been written off. Roxburghe have been instructed to close their file and your account will now be closed with Nationwide." I would never have known to even complain about the letters had I not trawled through this site, so thanks everyone for all of the really helpful info and advice. I have to say I think Nationwide dealt with the complaint well!
  2. Ok, that's kinda what I'm hoping for. Because I'm looking to settle the debt, I'm sure I'll get a better rate with a DCA, so will send the offer to HSBC and take it from there! Thanks for the help!
  3. It's HSBC updating the defaults on my credit file...in that case would you recommend offering settlement to the DCA or to HSBC directly? Can't wait to get these letters sent off, I've learned so much from this forum and am actually interested in seeing what the DCA's all have to say, rather than dreading their letters!
  4. Nope, as far as I know I haven't received a notice of assignment from HSBC
  5. Just a quick update, I sent the letter of complaint to Nationwide regarding the behavior of their DCA and also Graham White. They have replied to say they're looking into it and will issue a response by 16th Feb, so I guess it's a waiting game until then. Roxburgh also replied to the complaint, saying the same as Nationwide. Not a word from Graham White as yet. Will update when I get their response, hopefully next week!
  6. Thanks for that link cerberusalert, was informative. Just to clarify, I've made sure I've included my terms in the settlement letter. (That the debt is marked as satisfied on my credit file with a balance of zero, that they nor any 3rd parties can chase me for this debt at a later date and have also mentioned the money would be coming from a third party for the sole use of a full and final settlement on the account and that I would not be given access to the funds if the offer is not accepted.) So, the link you gave me seems to suggest I should send the offer to the DCA's. I want to settle with HSBC and Orange (well Arrow) the problem I'm having is that the debt is still listed under HSBC on my credit file, so I'm wondering if the DCA could accept my offer and HSBC leave the marker on my credit file because they did not agree to the settlement. Argh!
  7. Okay, I'll give a brief run-down. Basically we're trying to clear our credit files as quickly as poss. One debt is with NEXT directory: £146.00. I'm receiving letters from Debt Managers Ltd. Am sending CCA request today. HSBC (used debit card on a weekend after being told by DWP that my money had been paid in but wouldn't show til the Mon...it wasn't paid in) £140.00 There's no interest being added on, well there was around £50 which I paid and asked them to freeze interest which they did. So I'm happy to try to settle that debt as I spent the money. I'm receiving letters from V.I.L and constant phonecalls. Am sending off harassment letter today. Wanted to know whether I would send F+F settlement offer to HSBC or V.I.L? The debt is under HSBC on my credit file. Also have Nationwide debt (charges for un authorised OD) but have a separate thread for them. Also dealing with my partners debt: Littlewoods catalogue: £645.50 (should be less than half of this according to our records) Receiving letters from Lowell. The debt is under Lowell on his credit file, not Littlewoods. Simply asked for a copy of all statements in Jan 2010 as the amount does not tally with ours. Lowells have been sending letters almost monthly saying they're still waiting for statements, account on hold. Was going to CCA them today, not sure what else to do! LLoyds, £233.86. He went over-drawn (un authorised OD) by £9.00, he disputed the first set of charges, Lloyds said the complaint was on hold while the bank charges case was in court. Then after the ruling in their favour, said their charges were fair and that they would not be offering a refund. OH is happy to pay the £9 he went overdrawn by (phone insurance was taken out earlier than stated on payment plan so there were not sufficient funds in the acc) but to be charged £233 for essentially borrowing £9 is ludicrous. Receiving letters from various DCA's: Scotcall, westcot, BLS, most recently Robinson Way I think. Was going to SAR Lloyds today. Arrow global for orange: £176. He was happy to repay this as he ran up the bill, was going to offer F+F settlement today. Not sure whether to send it to Orange or Arrow. The debt is listed under Arrow Global on his credit file. Sorry it's so long. Any advice?
  8. Just looking through my credit file, I want to send a F+F settlement offer but how can I tell who owns the debt? Is it the "lender" as listed on my credit report or do I need to send the F+F settlement offer to the OC regardless of who now owns the debt? Some "lenders" are showing as the OC and some are showing as the DCA on my credit file.
  9. Thanks Coledog, have just sorted out all paperwork, will write the letter to Nationwide tomorrow and possibly post it up in case anybody wants to look it over for me . Out of interest, what kind of figure would you say I should be looking to pay back, realistically. The debt they're chasing me for totals £254.62?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Have been swallowing as much info as possible from this forum and others. From what I can gather, the whole CCA requesting process doesn't apply to bank charges, I'm now not sure whether I can send a CCA request. Anyone know?
  11. OK, thanks so much! I can't work out how to change the thread title. Don't worry, will look into complaints procedure now while I have half an hour free! I don't have any savings, am a student (unemployed) and don't own any property, I'm guessing the worst they could do is take me to court?
  12. Thanks so much for the reply. Will change thread title in a min. So should I just ignore the solicitors letter and just send the CCA request directly to Roxburghe then hang around for a response?
  13. Back story: Last year I got a debit card with HSBC so stopped using my nationwide cash card account but forgot to cancel the direct debit for the TV license. (I was in the middle of moving between 4 different addresses at the time and was not always getting my post, so was not alerted to what was going on with the account through bank statements.) Anyway, I randomly checked online banking for nationwide account one day to see that I was being charged unplanned overdraft fees. I cancelled the TV license direct debit. Recently started receiving letters from nationwide asking me to pay the £254.62 owing on the account. Just kinda put it to the back of my mind as am very preoccupied. Then started getting snotty letters from Roxburghe debt collectors demanding payment. The last letter I received from them dated 16th Dec 2010: "72 HOUR NOTICE Your file is being reviewed to decide the best course of action to take, which may be either court action or a personal visit by one of my field officers. In addition, I am obliged to inform you that you are now on a 72 hour notice, and therefore you will only have yourself to blame if you fail to deal with this matter prior to the expiry of this time. The way you have treated this account is totally unacceptable and non-compliance after legal proceedings have commenced may require you to attend court to answer questions about your lifestyle. Without any doubt whatsoever we can prove to the court that we have made every effort to resolve this unpaid debt and I strongly suggest you contact me without further delay; Please note that in the absence of payment or any valid dispute we will pursue this matter - with or without your cooperation" I ignored it as I don't see why I should pay such a huge amount when it's all bank charges, plus I have no money! Next letter is from GRAHAM WHITE SOLICITORS: "LETTER BEFORE ACTION Our instructions put simply, are to obtain payment from you. It may benefit you to seek independant legal advice in realtion to the following questions -Will my chances of obtaining credit be affected for the next 6 years? -Can I be made bankrupt? -What items could a Bailiff remove and sell? -What additional costs and statutory interest could I be liable for? Recent changes in the law mean that both parties MUST attempt to resolve disputed debts. By refusing to speak to us we can prove to the court that you are failing in your duty to do so. You are required to make payment to this office immediately. To avoid further action contact us without delay." I have some questions if anybody out there could be kind enough to help me: -What do you suggest I do?! -What "further action will be taken if I do not contact the solicitors? -I'm happy to pay back the £30 odd that was taken to pay the direct debit but not the ridiculous charges, should I dispute this with Nationwide? -These people are calling me at least 5 times a day, I reject their calls now, can I ask to be contacted only by writing? -To clarify, I've never spoken to either companies by phone or letter. I'd really appreciate some advice. I'm 27 weeks pregnant, in the middle of a degree and have a 3 yr old, I don't want this stress any more, these people seem so unreasonable.
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