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  1. No, neither of us were, the house was unoccupied. The council tax that I am being chased for is apparently reduced to count for this.
  2. I need some advice please. I previously owned a house with my ex. He moved out, I tried to get a mortgage to buy him out, I had everything in place but he dragged his heels so it fell through for me. He stopped paying his share of the mortgage, so we fell into arrears. 2 years later he got a court order to make me vacate the house so he could sell it. His solicitor demanded I hand in a set of keys for him. He gained access and changed the locks, from this point I was unable to access the house. In Feb 09 I was forced to go bankrupt because of my ex. I am now being chased by the council for the council tax from May 2009 to June 2010. I have explained my case but all I get told is that we are joint and severally liable for the debt. I do not know if they are chasing him as they asked me today if I could give them a forwarding address for him. I have a court date of this Thursday. I do not think it is fair or reasonable to be expected to pay this as the house basically got taken away from me. Do I need to go to court? Can anyone give me any advice on this matter? Thank you
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