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  1. Re: post #57 26th November 2010 00:37 Yes, much the same happened to me & they played a recording of me apparently 'agreeing' to the advert. I was in fact agreeing that I had placed an advert with another company! My invoice number would indicate that they have raked in 85,000 which works out to around £25.5 million by end of December 2010. Why are the police/trading standards so slow to act? There was another excellent posting regarding this by Rexi81on 11th November but unfortunately it has vanished.
  2. Any time you have veg or mushrooms that are starting to go past their best - make soup! I haven't yet found a mixture that I didn't like and it's a real money and waste saver.
  3. Have you tried removing all the mirrors. You can save a fortune!
  4. Good advice. It amazes me how many times they get it wrong & never in my favour.
  5. OK I am Scottish but really enjoy buying mark down food. Not only do I save money but I help prevent waste and try things that I wouldn't normally buy.
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