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  1. Hey all my name is as the username suggests. I just wanted to say hello to all you people who are having problems and have had problems with blood sucking leeches who want to remove your hard earned money from your pockets. They use the most underhanded ways to get the money and they have no moral character. Currently I am going down the road with shopacheck who has served notice upon me. Since recieving the letter I have served them notice also. I can do everything they can do and whats more I have more rights than they will ever have. Just thought I would introduce myself. I have been researching this legal lawful stuff for a couple of years, the going is slow but well worth the hard work put into learning it. I have managed to get DCA's off my back and bank charges refunded which was a major surprise to me to know that there exists a way to flumucks these corporate leeches in more ways than 10. So peace to yall and take care in all your dealings. As a side point, if we where told what the score was with the state of affairs within this country no one would get loans. The country is in major bankruptcy, sold its soul to the IMF (interantional monetary fund, rothschildes) and has no monetary value left within its borders. Since being sold into slavery since the use of the birth certificate we are kept in the dark as to what our rights are. Power to the people not to the person(s). Zac.
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