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  1. Yes I did get the appeal reinstated. It took some doing but got there in the end... I will write as you have advised.. Thanks !
  2. Hello.. My name is Charlie Some of you may remember me on the following thread Link. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?368515-ESA-Knockback&p=4312932#post4312932 I am happy to report my health is slowly on the mend and I am now back to work but only on a part time basis. My health professionals will not allow me to return full time till after Christmas .. Anyway my point.. I was disallowed the ESA benefit early September 2012 so 14 months ago.. My Doctors and specialists went absolutely bonkers and despite lots and lots of letters DWP would not change the decision so I was left high and dry and with help from many on here I launched an appeal Now 14 months later there is still no sign of that appeal.. I have phoned but keep getting fobbed off.... Now I do realise I am no one special but this situation is ridiculous is it not ? I am not nor have been on any benefits since dissalowment 14 months ago.. That was the first time I claimed since leaving school 42 years previous... I do fell the whole system is absolutely ridiculous... I beyond financial ruin now but at least my health is slowly improving.. I would like to thank again all those who helped me before ! Thank You !
  3. Thanks for the reply.. I was beginning to think they had once again overlooked the matter or forgotten...
  4. Still waiting..... Nearly 11 months now ! How long does this process take ? Are there that many people waiting for appeals ? Not quite sure what I should do... Thanks.
  5. Just a wee update to say I ma still awaiting a date for my appeal to be heard.. I rang to be told it could be up to 6 months more.......
  6. Just as a follow up to this endless saga.. I received a letter from the tribunals service saying that as I had not followed the district Judges instructions ( I promise I received no letter at all until this one arrived) my appeal had been struck off and no further action would take place.. In other words they have booted me off with no hearing ... I have of course written to them telling them that the only instructions I had were to send more evidence to DWP which I did sending yet again more letter's .. I do have a copy of the letter from DWP asking for this evidence so have enclosed that along with twelve .. Yes thats right twelve letters of support from the medical team that are looking after me.. So still I get absolutely NO help at all... Not a penny coin since last September....
  7. Thank you for those kind words.. I was never able to speak to the neighbour who works at the CAB.. I have this huge feeling of shame and have had throughout this whole episode.. It is another Neighbour who is really a friend of my wife who has helped us so far.. I.. When I say I I mean by that my wife finally talked me into making an appointment at CAB but when we tried to get one they informed us that they simply cannot take on any more cases due to the massive overload of people being rejected not only from ESA but many other benifits.. There is still the appeal in addition to this where DWP refused to pay me any money at all saying that I had used the 365 day allowance despite it being pointed out that I was in the support group and time spent in the "support" group does not count.. So this appeal I'm told has been sent to the Tribunal service .. How much money does an appeal process cost ? I worry that money wasted on these appeals takes money from the fund that is used to pay benefits from ? I cannot thank you all enough for the help and support you have given me !! It is NO exaggeration to say that without it I would be in a different place ! Again Sincere Thanks !
  8. Can anyone help with this one ? Its just so confusing .. Thanks.
  9. Really desperate now... The DWP have allowed the appeal and placed me in the WRAG group which of course means I get no money as I have had the 12 months allowed even though that time was in the support group. I phoned in and was called back by a person from the appeals department who told me I should appeal against this latest decision and in effect appeal Again to be placed back into the support group.. I asked if this meant that the whole process would start over again with the need for letters from the Consultants and Doctors and I was told that yes it would. So the whole struggle against the odds means that nothing has been gained. No one has listened .. Please can you help me with what to don now ? I feel absolutely gobsmacked and really really down. I kind of expected that the decision would stand and I would be made to go to tribunal but now it seems I have to start all over again. Im not sure I can cope with that !! Thanks.
  10. No I don't at this time get anything at all and have not since the DWP stopped the benefit. I did say to the Consultant that physically apart from the back injury that has left me with only minor difficulties I am fit.. He said that in his opinion that I am at this time totally incapable of any kind or type of work and am disabled by this so he would support and encourage me to press on and apply...... I'm not so sure ! Im wondering if I should find the courage to phone DWP and ask what ever is going on with my appeal as its six months now and they have several letters from the Consultant and the GP and the Mental health practitioner who I see every two weeks.. Or will at usual just upset me and fall on deaf ears ..... Sorry but this is all so confusing... Thanks.
  11. Can I ask for your thoughts on something please ?........... I had to visit my Consultant last week. He inquired as to the situation ongoing with DWP. I said as yet no decision has yet been made as ti if it goes to tribunal or not..... He then suggested that I apply for disability benefit which in his words has the capacity to look at mental heath where ESA does not.. He also said he would support this if I decide to apply. I was taken aback and surprised by this and said surely disability benefit is for the disabled . He pointed out that due to the severity of my ongoing illness I am in fact disabled.... I've sat on this for a week and just don't know what to think or do about it.. I actually plucked up the courage to try and make an appointment with CAB but was told they cannot see me at this time as they cant cope with the massive influx of people currently standing at their doors. Thanks
  12. Thank you...... Again thanks to all !
  13. Ok thank you both. It is confusing. Can I ask why I would want any meetings to be recorded ? though to be fair it would have been great if the last meeting I had to go to if recorded would have helped me prove what a complete sham it was. Will asking for any meeting to be recorded slow down the already very slow procedure. We are moving house soon as it has become impossible to stay where we are now for both myself and my wife. this means moving back to the Midlands from here in Scotland. So will it be possible to have a hearing down south after we have moved ? Or will it mean coming back to Scotland to sort it out.. For the first time in 18 months I feel strong enough to at least attempt to attend a tribunal if they decide that is what must happen. This is as a result of the first class treatment I have been fortunate to receive from the medical team who have looked after me through the past few very very dark months.. Once again the help and information from you all here is something I am extremely grateful for .. Thank You .
  14. Really confused now.. I have received a for called ESA50 and it seems to be asking questions about limited capability to work and it seems to be saying that I'm on or was on either a disability benefit or incapacity benefit and asking all the questions to which they already have the answers ?? Sorry to ask again but I have some questions... What is this ESA 50 form ? Why do they want answers to questions that have been asked and replied to time and time again. They have recent letter from my Consultant and doctors explaining how I am at this time? How long before they even look at the picture and decide if I have to go to a tribunal ? It is nearly six months now since they stopped my benefit... ? On the ESA50 form it says failure to complete the form may result in the benefit being stopped !But they have stopped it six months ago ?? Again I apologize but this is causing me quite some distress here.. so many questions but I do need help please.. As always Sincere thanks !
  15. I realise they don't take into consideration our previous records or how hard we worked.. I don't even know what an SAR is.. I'm sorry but I just cant fight them any longer. I wish I had the strength too but I just cant . Sorry. I with the help of my wife filled in the appeal against the decision to not pay the lower rate ESA but as it seems I was on ESA before this claim that DWP may be right not to pay... So will not send it in now. I'm just so tired and confused I have to give in Thanks.
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