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  1. :o) ;o) Started 6th October 06 FINISHED 13th January 07 Thanks to all that have helped me through my claim............Ooh i'm not allowed to say anything about my claim now..........HE He He He He He He ;o)
  2. I have now recieved an offer for £4500, but as i am claiming for £6900 + interest i have rejected the offer. I am now waiting to see what happens. Does anyone know how long it can take once you have refused their first offer till you get another offer or full setlement? Thanks
  3. Hi livelylad Thanks for your response....sorry for the delay , i was working away. I was starting to get very nervous about all of this, but the more i read and with the help of people like you i'm sure it's going to be fine. Once i see how this works out i have got 6 credit cards to go for! Thanks for the last letter draft...amending it now. Should i send a copy to Cobbetts as well. Many thanks DonTuaca
  4. Thenks for the reply Paul. I have so far sent all the letters etc that we are advised to do. They wrote back saying they did not believe that the charges are unlawfull so 8 then put my claim in through money claims online. I am claiming £6900 + interest. There defence is that the particluars of the claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the claimant to recover the bank charges. It goes on for 6 pages Cheers
  5. Can any one help. NatWest have filed a defence. So i believe we now have to go to court. I need some more amo.... Does anyone know how much Natwest has already paid out. Has anyone filled out the Allocation questionaire? Any advise - i never thought it would go to court - so i need to be prepared. Should i get expert witnesses etc... Thanks
  6. Can i claim back charges against NatWest if i am a small business. they have told me that the findings of OFT only covers personel customers and that business customers are unable to apply for a refund under this direction. is this true or should i press ahead and try and claim back the £6900 thay have charged me over the last 6 years....Help
  7. Hi there, i need to find out if i can claim back bank charges as a small business or is it only consumers that can claim their unfair charges back. many thanks.
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