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  1. Im not sure where to post this thread but Im with a local council and I want to move to another council and get a flat to be close to my daughter. How do I go about this? Im in associated housing. Do I have to go and discuss this with my council of choice? Are there any websites that would explain this? Thanks in advance
  2. Yes watching....I thought that might be the case...well they can come on down! Seriously though I appreciate this is might now be standard practice to ask everyone.
  3. My advice is you cant fix her....leave her to learn the hard lesson. I think you also need to take on board what Ive said because youre still thinking you can stop something like this. You cant. Short of tying her up and nailing her feet to the floor she will just become more and more resentful towards you and more and more justified towards him. Women in this kind of situation are DRIVEN. They want to be with the man like an obsession. Its a strong bond an oxytocin bond. Its an addiction. The Gigolo uses this to their advantage. What you could do is make a joke of it and keep putting things about Gigolos her way in a small hope that it might switch a light on in her head but if she is hell bent then no amount of anything will make a difference. Women in this situation need counselling because when hes ripped her off and left her as is their plan only then will she start to question herself and think its her fault that she didnt give him enough. Unfortunately and very sadly this episode will tarnish her for other men in her life. Its the old tell your child not to do something and they deliberately go towards the thing youve told them not to do. We are all like this. Sadly many of my colleagues abroad have been stung in this way. Some have lost businesses and homes and their lives have been devastated by being sucked in by a very clever Gigolo. Its gone beyond a joke now. Gone beyond stories in Take a Break. There is a saying in Turkey....Open head, open heart open legs open purse. Hordes of unsuspecting women go over there and get stung for mobile phones clothes visa passport etc etc...Im only using Turkey as an example of the Gigolo mentality. They are the best in the world for financial extortion from women. There are thousands of them on the internet and on holiday and women should beware. Do yourself a favour and dont concern yourself sbout it or allow this to ruin your relationship or life. If you must then in my opinion there should be leaflets and information given out like any other addiction on this matter but sadly its not something people care to talk about. And the reason for this is the general public still maintain the mentality that its the woman's fault for being so stupid. Always the woman's fault that she should have known better etc... well you are now witnessing the power of Gigolo mind games on your friend.
  4. I found this useful website about PRIMES and sub contractors...http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/news/rss/article/1047580/Prime-contractors-Work-Programme-will-subcontract-voluntary-organisations One of the voluntary organisations I am volunteering at is the CAB, they are sub contractors. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/work-prog-prospectus-v2.pdf http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/erss-preferred-suppliers.pdf http://atos.net/en-us/about_us/default.htm I bet Atos is one of the Pimes
  5. Ok you are most likely right on this one. Im going to seek out an register at a new dentist next week. God knows how long I will have to wait to be seen again. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Sounds like a Gigolo to me. I met a ton of them when I was abroad in Turkey. The situation you are up against is this. 1. She thinks her man is different. 2. It will be like trying to extract someone out of a cult. 3. She will justify, rationalise everything to do with this guy that hes genuine. 4. If he is an extortionist then hes very good at the game and will threaten, cajole you name it he will get his hands on that money no matter what. 5. She will learn a hard lesson 6. It will take some time maybe months or even years.for sleeping beauty to wake up. 7. It has to run its course. 8. Hes buried deep in her head and you cant surgically remove him. Hope this is useful.
  7. Id been going to an NHS dentist attached to a hospital. Around 7 months ago the Dentist did some treatment and with one tooth she just repaired it but didnt drill and fill it. About 4 months later the repair came off and I started to have severe pain out of the tooth but I hung on and hung on until my 6 months check-up. I went for the check-up and told her how much pain I was having out of this tooth and she didnt seem to be taking on board what I said but took an Xray and said it needs filling. 3 weeks later appointment and agonising pain I came for my appointment to have it filled and I told her how much pain I'd been in and she said well you never said all this at your last appointment - EH?? I said I did mention it. By this time my face is slightly swollen by the tooth in question and I pointed this out and she said oh thats just your glands (I did mention I'd had a sinus infection recently) the next thing she checked the tooth and said oh I dont supposed YOUVE noticed but that tooth is quite loose?? I will have to extract it. 7 needles later she tries to take it out and the pain was unbearable. Oh she said well Im sorry there must be an infection under the tooth so here is a prescription for antibiotics and make another appointment as soon as possible and we will finish the extraction....................I cannot BELIEVE it ?? Is this normal for NHS Dentists?? I am so angry Im walking around with a half extracted tooth in my head in great pain and with a face swelling. I came out of there more traumatised than I went in. Because of her incompetence in the beginning I am going to lose a tooth that I might not necessarily have lost if she'd drilled and filled it 6 months ago and Im fuming can I complain can I sue for medical negligence and trauma! Can I go and register with another Dentist and explain whats happened I dont know what to do? I dont have the money to pay for treatment.
  8. Went to JC for my usual signing and I got asked to give details of my landlord? Theyve never asked this question before. I also got asked how much I paid for my rent but with no calculation and I got asked about my qualifications. I also got told my 12 months is coming up in September and Im will be put forward for the Work Programme. I asked if the fact Ive been being trained by the CAB for the last 6 months and hope to do voluntary work with them full time and they said makes no difference you will be put on the Work Programme. I think the CAB is one of the sub contractors with the job centre. I would prefer to work for the CAB than work for whatever sweatshop the JC has lined up for me. How can I avoid this work Programme. Does anyone know anything about it?
  9. the job centre have no control over what you put on your CV. or cover letters and such things, they have no control over how you interview. If you dont want the job then interview badly and you wont get it. )
  10. The college phoned me today to offer other courses which I dont want and are no use to me. I challenged them about the 16-18 year old specification on the travel and tourism courses and how Ive waited 8 months to find this out. I also pointed out that on the old information I submitted there is no age specification and they agreed that there wasnt but now there is on the new information.. Their answer was Im not the only one to find out I cant come on this course and that their funding for this course is specific to 16-18 year olds.
  11. So does this mean the colleges cant stipulate an age bar for any of their courses now? Unless they can show something called positive action exemption reasons?
  12. Thank you so much for your reply. I will most certainly get right on to this one!
  13. Dont know where to post this question so posted here. I have been trying for the last 12 months to get on a course in my local college. I applied for a course at my local college in Travel and Tourism. I received a letter with my course number on after I filled in a form and sent it to them last year saying I would be given an interview to assess my suitability for the course. Im 58. I'd heard nothing for months so I recently contacted them via their website giving my number and everything and received a letter today to say that said ' at this stage we are unable to offer you an interview as you do not appear to meet the requirements' . I received further information of the course with the letter and the part that says Specific requirements 16=18 years old highlighted in marker pen. Well Im sorry but I needed this course for progression in my travel and tourism business as Im in no position to pay 500 quid for an online course or attend another private college and pay through the nose for it as Im on JSA. The documentation I was given I have discovered is different from what I was sent today and makes no mention of an age range. In this day and age when we are supposed to be working until 66 before we can retire why are we being blocked from attending courses to improve our businesses or job prospects. Can I accuse this college of ageism?
  14. this loan was 3 years ago Erika and I dont remember what rate I agreed to at the time as it was done on the phone.
  15. Ive just received a letter to say I owe £38 social fund and that they are going to take repayments out of my JSA at £7.10 week. Thats £14 a fortnight. I object to this extortionate amount for a piddling 38 quid. What do I do? I dont deny I dont owe this but even utilities bills dont take this much? I recently got a slight rise in my JSA from £65 to £67 so I guess the crisis loan think they can just got straight in and take this amount. I objected to the last lot of re-payment amounts I had to make and just got ignored.
  16. I did write them a letter some time back asking for my charges and they just ignored it!
  17. thanks. Ive decided to not bother and let it go. I did take out a loan based on my equity and they did do a lot of lying things to get their grubby hands on my home but in the end due to being pushed into selling my home in an online AUCTION to stop them getting their hands on it was my only option at the time its just going to be a whole load of stress that I dont need. This was 6 years ago. I beat them in the end but to my detriment. I wouldnt recommend doing what I did but if your desperate its another option to pull the rug out from under them. They thought they were going to foreclose on my home and got their eye wiped. Ok yes they got back their mortgage and the loan payment but they wouldnt have been able to make any further profit from it. Im rehoused now albeit rented but I will never own another property again on this basis and I dont want to Im happy with renting. Home ownership is not what its cracked up to be unless your loaded. I will just warn people in the future not to take out ANYTHING with KENSINGTON MORTGAGES. Thanks for your input.
  18. I cant post an update on the Benefit Sanctions thread because its been locked. However, I have been sent Tribunal papers about my appeal claim on a sanction. It seems rather than they admit they were wrong and cough up the 130 quid they are going to cost the tax payer and the Tribunal Service time effort and money in an effort to prove me wrong and that their decision was right. Its on the 9 August.
  19. Yes I know the HB and the CT are separate entities. Perhaps I should have said that to the Advisor because she was lumping all three in as the BIG FRIGHTENER! I will be ready next time. As for voluntary work I always tell them I will be dropping everything if a job comes along.
  20. Just a general rant here....So far Im on two courses...one is for working voluntarily in a well known advice agency and the other is an effort to become self employed on my own initiative...and looking for jobs inbetween.......I am working my ass off................I went to sign on the other day and the woman behind the desk never even asked for or looked at my JOB LOG. I always make a note of it on the log that it wasnt looked at. At the end of the little chat about my necklace and my family situation and my business ideas she then she told me you have now to sign another jobseekers agreeemnt. In this agreement we will be looking at and checking on any jobs that you have applied for and that you get given to apply for by the job centre. If we find you are not applying for these jobs then your benefit will be stopped so will your housing benefit and so will your council tax benefit? THREAT THREAT THREAT with no consideration for the the fact that you ARE actively seeking work and trying to better yourself or get off benefits. I thought that they always did check on your job applications? Do they think I am so naive as to leave myself wide open for not having any evidence of my applications or searches? Sometimes I dont know how I manage to control myself. They just come out with these THREATS as though your a complete liar and waster.
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