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  1. Hi I have Cabot on my back with an issue against me. I have requested the usual from them. In the meantime I put a claim from EGG re PPI and they have have inform me that will refund all PPI premiums back. I woud like to know, if there is any precident set to throw-out the whole case re cabot so? The original debt was sold to cabot and they are claiming all the debt. Thanks
  2. Thanks. In the POC it states that : - the claimant is the assignee; - Notice od assignemnt has been given to defendant in writing Also, I thought requesting disclouseue under cpr31.15 allows for other docus requested?
  3. Hi Following a claim received against me I have followed your link above sent, based on a CPR31.14 and a CPR 31.15 request for disclousure (I requested details apertaining to NOA/DN/CA and other info also) to the claimants solicitors I have received the following response back: You will note that CPR 31.14 (1) states that "A party may inspect a document mentioned in - (a) a statement of case; (b) a witness statement ; © a witness summary; or (d) an affidavit" They go on to state that the info I have requested does not refer to any of the following and as such have not supplied and on that basis they are not bound by my request. They have supplied to me only: 1. CA and T&Cs provided by the CC company 2. Copy Representation of the first NOA sent to me (this I never received!) Can you please advice as to my reply to them and the courts in my defence? This will help me greatly. Thanks
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