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  1. Hi guys, just to give you an update. The car has now been at Ford (it's a Ford Focus Diesel) since Thursday after Christmas. After initally clearing the faults, which involved changing a cracked intercooler pipe and a new cam shaft sensor, another fault showed up, and the car actually cut out on them on an extended test drive. That was on Tuesday. Since then, they are trying to find the fault, which shows up as a glowplug fault. Their mechanics are at their wit's end, and they contacted their Ford technicians further up..... Up to now, we owe Ford £600,00 for what they have done up to now. Their technicians have now come up with what they THINK it could be......... Which is that the heating element from the glow plug has broken off and fallen into the engine, and to fix that, they would have to take the cylinder head off, which is half a days work alone and will cost a bomb already, and then they don't even know if that will fix it, as this is just what they now think is wrong with the car. That would leave me with a bill of over 1k, which I really can not afford at the moment. They offered to put the car back together and put it in the yard, but that does not solve the problem of it not starting, and still costs £600 for a car that's not roadworthy. I talked to Consumer Direct yesterday, and they said we would only have a comeback to the finance company (as it is a Conditional Sale Agreement) if the fault is either a manufacturers fault, or an inherent fault, but we would have to prove that..... The chief mechanic at Ford also said he has never come across anything like that in all his years, but also says he thinks that the engine had some work done on it, as all the wires are loose, and not secured as they should be... But he can't prove it, and even if he could, he can't say what was wrong with the engine at that time. We also only have a partial service history, so he says there is not much he can do then in that case. Sorry if it's all a bit garbled, I'm just writing it down as it comes to mind, so I don't forget anything. I really, really could need some help here with this, I just don't know what to do. If we go to a Solicitors, that will cost us another 500 quid just for them to have a look at it. And if we tell Ford to just put it together again, we still don't have a roadworthy car, as it will still not start. Oh, and of course the car warranty people say it's not covered. Please, please HELP thanks guys and gals EDIT: UPDATE: Just talked to the chief mechanic, the total would cost us £2670, as they would have to fit a new cylinder head.
  2. Hello Everybody, sorry to post problems with my first post already . On 25. May we picked up a car from an independent dealer, who also sold us a used car warranty (never had that before, and if we had known back then, we would not have taken it out, not worth the paper it's written on). The car warranty states the car has to be serviced every 6 months, so on 25. November the car was serviced, whereby loads of faults were found. One of the back trailing bushes was worn, through which the back tire was worn down, 2 injectors had no seals, the back brake shoes were down (I know that's wear and tear), at that time we had done exactly 2900 miles in those 6 months. One day after we got the car back from repairs, for which the warranty insurance of course did not pay (not on their lists, and it wasn't a breakdown), the car would not start and we needed a new battery. On Christmas Eve I actually took someone to the airport, came home and wanted to go shopping an hour later, the car drove about 10 inches and just died. From then on it would not start again, even though it turned over (new battery). RAC came out on Boxing Day, and after initially starting (which made us feel like pratts) it died again after 15 minutes running. Good thing the RAC man stayed just to make sure. The second time he could not get it to start again, did all the diagnostics, checked everything, tried out different sensors, and had to tow it to a garage. All this of course over the bank holidays, when nobody was working. The result was that they had to take it to Ford, where they diagnosed problems with sensors, the ECU, the BCM, and other things. (of course again not covered by the warranty shambles) So, since getting the car, we spent 1k on repairs alone. As all those faults where found after the six months according to SOGA, do we have any comeback to the dealers? And if not, what are our options? We really feel like the dealers saw us coming............ Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this. Thanks guys and gals.
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