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  1. Hi guys, just to give you an update. The car has now been at Ford (it's a Ford Focus Diesel) since Thursday after Christmas. After initally clearing the faults, which involved changing a cracked intercooler pipe and a new cam shaft sensor, another fault showed up, and the car actually cut out on them on an extended test drive. That was on Tuesday. Since then, they are trying to find the fault, which shows up as a glowplug fault. Their mechanics are at their wit's end, and they contacted their Ford technicians further up..... Up to now, we owe Ford £600,00 for what they h
  2. Hello Everybody, sorry to post problems with my first post already . On 25. May we picked up a car from an independent dealer, who also sold us a used car warranty (never had that before, and if we had known back then, we would not have taken it out, not worth the paper it's written on). The car warranty states the car has to be serviced every 6 months, so on 25. November the car was serviced, whereby loads of faults were found. One of the back trailing bushes was worn, through which the back tire was worn down, 2 injectors had no seals, the back brake shoes were down (I know th
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