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  1. . The fraction being tiny, presumably they wouldn't mind stating what % ?
  2. They will likely quote miserly maximum amount laid down in TCs that you agreed to. Wheelchair users often get badly stung in such incidents, to say nothing of their travel plans disrupted. But maybe this [very] small print would pass muster as regards unfair TCs? Oh and have you checked if your travel/household insurance is of any help?
  3. some move from the big sharks to the minnows in the hope of a friendlier service; be aware, however, that u will usually be shunted back, for day-to-day administration, from minnow to shark, eg from ebico to sse.and if u achieve ur aim of a lower bill, sse write hideously nasty letters, triggered automatically by low readings, saying there is [sic] a fault in the meter, so they are coming to replace it .thereby hangs another cautionary tale but a bittoo off-topic for this thread. . go to a comparison site such as "which? " that includes all providers, not just those that pay the site commission, or enter a google search for "utilities/electricity/gas" "no standing charge". . if ur bills are moderate-to-high, u are unlikely to benefit unless perhaps u use no gas for one half the year and spend most of the other half on the turks and caicos rather than turkey and stuffing. . advance warning : the CMA in its infinite wisdom intends to allow comparison sites each to arrange exclusive deals so that the consumer will have to compare the comparisons to find which is cheapest - in the interest of more competition, lol
  4. I have been handling debts for several ppl in a similar situation, although not in EU, with an average value of over £10K. . The purchasers didn't even write to the overseas addresses but still to UK -probably meaning they didn't believe their goodbye letters. Statute bar dates came without a single court claim. . But a word of caution - PRA were not among the purchasers, they could be different.
  5. Translation from Reston Semantic Jungleese: . Yes you're right it's statute barred
  6. Or do you mean that MK took over the default which Barc had applied in 2010 - as permitted. But why would they do that if you were paying up until 2011?
  7. . Yet you say MK defaulted you in 2010, in which case no longer anything to do with Barc . Something here not right
  8. Hence why so many American DCAs and debt purchasers entered the UK market, flouting their muscle with gay abandon.
  9. mike , FORGET all the cobblers you've acquired from a certain site which promises the earth but leads only to perdition, court would laugh at 3 letter process , novation etc etc , it's as invalid as it is bizarre
  10. Yes i agree . I suppose i meant a collective you rather than toxic alone. Don't know why any solicitor, even Reston, expend so much on Arrow with their sprawling and poorly managed outsourcing system.
  11. Alternatively, you could set up standing order yourself, doesn't require Arrow's intervention. But it does require you to ensure funds are available each month, to avoid possible penalty charges from your bank. Shoos clearly saw no hope of any shekels from you.
  12. You said you have several debts. An SAR can cover all your dealings with a company so if any are with other parts of Lloyds Banking group ask for all . Save yourself less future bother and give them more.
  13. Compello not Capello
  14. Hi Will . Long time . . . Oddly enough I was wondering about you the other day! . Don't pay much attention to the porn you've received about sale to Hoist . Everyone on MK books has received it , regardless of court claims etc, as part of sale of Compello Group- though I'm slightly puzzled as to why you've had only two. Maybe the third is completely written off. . Cabot did exactly same with Marlin assignments as Hoist with MK. I seen letter not long ago for an SB one. "Welcome to Cabot" and they'd get in touch bla bla [they didn't] and how they'd be offering all sorts of helpful ways to pay. . hehe, totally delusional, the lot of them
  15. Ring / visit Barcl and ask what date you last paid
  16. If six years or more gap between your last writing to or paying Barcl / Egg and Marlin issuing claim , you may have chance of obtaining Set Aside.
  17. Debt is criminal offence. Almost certain arrest and detention on arrival or even in transit , not only in UAE but any GCC state. I'm sure bigjug is already aware.
  18. If this is Coyle White Devine, enter their name in the search box, you'll learn plenty about their tactics.
  19. Assuming 28.7 is inclusive or Day 1 , Day 30 is 26.8 . One day later of course is 27.8 if exclusive. Either way you appear to have been late, unfortunately. . They make much of their income from ppl forgetting so are unlikely to be accommodating unless you have a stunning excuse.
  20. Also, are you in Scotland? Affects advice we give. And stop dwelling on thoughts of bankruptcy. For £15K in total and no property there are other ways. Even if £95K and bankrupted, you wouldn't lose a clapped out old banger nor would your parents or gerbil be notified. Now do your list pls.
  21. They are shifting their business to a new company or at least a new name therefore notifying you of the assignment. So what? No cause for concern. As these outfits now face intense scrutiny you can be confident they will not be in a hurry to perform any underhand tricks. They're struggling to survive since they've had most of their thunder taken away. In fact, they're falling like flies. Do not delete the notice of assignment as long as your account is still open. It is an important legal document.
  22. Pls look at other people's defences and lift one most appropriate to your case, editing as necessary. If you're opting for s b the defence is very simple. Even so, post up here first before submitting. If your recollection of history is correct, s b would seem the way to go, but only you can be responsible for what your memory is telling.
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