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  1. Fortunately, we checked the values of the car and have ended up with an offer that we are willing to accept. Aviva told my other half that he wouldn't get a courtesy car and forwarded him on to Enterprise as apparently in certain circumstances they are willing to hire cars out and bill the other party. We bypassed this as he is unable to drive due to his injuries anyway, so it would not be used and just taking up space, time and cost for nothing. This seems odd to me as twice I've made non fault claims and have always been given a like for like car automatically within 24hrs of being
  2. Oh and we've just called the 8am-8pm number on the website only to find that they're closed. Spoke to 'John' on the chat facility who's given us another number...that one is closed too Helpful
  3. I am writing this on behalf of my other half who is currently laid up and immobile due to a non fault accident. He was stationary on the fast lane of the motorway on Monday when another motorist drove into the back of him at 55-65mph (according to police and auto repair examiners). The other driver admitted fault straight away to my other half, the police and to his insurance company. My other half was then taken to hospital from the scene of the accident by ambulance on a spinal board due to pain in his leg, back and neck. He is the only driver named on his insurance policy. I
  4. Hi, I do realise that this thread goes back some years but I am a little stuck as to what to do in regards to my recent request for my medical records held at my local hospital. I requested ALL notes in Nov 2010 inc test results, scans, admissions (everything) held by them from 01 January 2006 to present. As I knew that included in my records would be CT, X-Ray & MRI scans I sent off a cheque for the maximum fee, £50. Sure enough in mid December (earlier than I anticipated) a padded envelope arrived through my door, but what a disappointment! Yes I did receive a CD with my CT, X
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