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  1. Thanks Surfer01, I will look into that possibility.
  2. I would be grateful for any advice on how to proceed with this problem: I had a desktop failure that turned out to be the motherboard on a PC of about 3 years in age. I took it to Techguys in PC World where it cost £69 to tell me it was the motherboard. The data on the hard drive had not been backed up for a long time (basic error I know!) and so I paid £99 for the Data Recovery service. The Data Recovery was paid for 2 months ago and the PC incl HDD went in to the Techguys. Despite numerous phone calls and personal visits to the store, the PC and HDD can not be found. Despite numerous promises only one phone call has ever been returned and that was never followed up by as I requested. The lost PC is probably not he major issue given its state of repair but the lost data does bother me. I believe that this situation is not subject to the disclaimer on loosing data as this refers to data loss as a result of work they actually carry out as opposed to actually loosing control of the data itself through negligence. Any ideas on how to take this forward? Thanks , Alan
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