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  1. I managed to get 3 defaults removed by the natwest as they filed the incorrect dates to the CRA and they also failed to reproduce the documentation. I sent copies of the correspondance direct to Experian and they backed up what i was saying to natwest. I am about to try this method with other defaults on my credit report and will let you know if successful
  2. Just had confirmation that All 3 defaults are removed - Requested details - they confirmed the date of default was earlier and also that they had NOT assigned it to a 3rd party - scanned this in - sent it to a credit reference agency along with the payment details etc etc and hey presto - all 3 defaults removed from my credit file - nice
  3. also as the bank states on the letter - these accounts have been fully repaid there is no longer the need for the bank to comply with a request for a copy of the credit agreement - yet on my credit report it states that 2 of teh accounts are settled and one is still not - is this misreporting? or am i getting ahead of myself?
  4. Just received a response from the Natwest regardinge my data protection request for a copy of the default notice and deed of assignments - i got the response saying - unable to reproduce this document as it is system generated etc etc but more importantly - We would like to advise you that there is no deed of assignment as the bank did not assign your debt to another party. The bank DID assign it to Intrum Justitia - and thats whom i repaid the debt to - Does this now give me a leg to stand on for default removal??
  5. hi mate, thanks for the reply - jut to clarify this was all unauthorised Overdrafts on 2 accounts and only 1 had an OD on it at all - whether that makes any difference.
  6. correct me if im wrong but this thread here suggests that its possible to get them removed after the claim has gone through - just looking for guidance on how to go about it, whether i should go via the CCA or data protection route. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/110146-car2403-hfc-bank-default.html
  7. After 2 successful claims and one pending the OFT case im taking on the natwest again for the removal of my defaults - the thread with details on is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/132886-g0atface-natwest-iv.html if anyone can help me out with the stages at which i should be looking at going through and whether i have a case i would be very grateful!
  8. Ok so here’s the deal - I had 3 bank accounts with the Natwest when i was a student Account 1 was defaulted in 2003 for £ 2,553 Account 2 was defaulted in 2003 for £ 959 Account 3 was defaulted in 2003 for £ 2,011 The Natwest passed these accounts 1st to their credit services dept in Telford and then to the debt collection agency "Intrum Justitia" After making a large amount of monthly payments the accounts have been settled by way of a partial settlement (via the debt collection agency) and currently show as the following on my credit file Account 1 (settled 2005) - Satisfied - Partial Settlement Account 2 (settled 2005) - Current Balance - £1,538 Account 3 (settled 2005) - Satisfied - Partial Settlement Now here’s the kicker - I have claimed the following amounts back in bank charges - 2 claims successful and one stayed pending the OFT case Account 1 (reclaimed 2007) - £2,400 Account 2 (reclaimed 2007) - £800 Account 3 (stayed in court) - £1,700 I am wondering what to do next - I really want these defaults removed as I’m trying to buy a house at the moment, the majority of this debt was made up of illegal charges and I am basically sick of the negative impact it has had on my credit rating for 5 years now.
  9. Won : Got the offere for full amount from cobblers on saturday Only problem is - the cheque was made payable to mr G0atface into account XXXXXXX Problem i have is account XXXXXXX is long closed - anyone else had similar issues - My current bank (Halifax) have said theyll accept the cheque but if it gets stopped i know why.
  10. 1200 offer received from the cobblers yesterday, politley declined.
  11. just to keep my thread up to date - ive had the bog standard cobblers defence, have replied with the standard letter to their CPR-18 request, and have filled out the AQ and returned to Liverpool county court, had until 11th November to get it back but thought id get it done sooner rather than later.
  12. they acknowledged within a couple of days on mine too - now have until 8th of october to file a defence so im not far behind you!
  13. Hey all just thought id add my story to the endless lists of threads via the natwest. My problems was all at the "i am so clever" age of 18 (2000/2001) when i had 3 natwest accounts and found a bug when messing with their online banking that let me transfer ridculous amounts of money when i actually had nothing. Long story short i ended up with 3 defaults and around 3000 of debt plus 3500 worth of charges. having cleared the amounts via partial settlement and a debt collection agency i am now left with the defaults sitting on my credit file, for amounts less than the total charges. In my struggle to reclaim these charges and get the defaults removed i have got this far sent an original letter for statements - Received them for 1 account then said they had missed the dead line for the other 2 accounts - which are now on their way. Went through statements on 1st account and found £1625 + interest (used the simple interest calc) and it came to a total of circa £2200 Have sent preliminary letter on this account and recevied what looks like a bog standard - we beleive our charges are fair and will not pay you anything etc etc. Now sending my letter before action on this account, and will be sending a prelimary when all the others come through - will keep you up to date on how things go.
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