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  1. There's something about it which just doesn't make sense but I suppose i'll find out one way or another on Friday. If there is more to it than it seems i'll let you know. Thank you once agian for your help.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. As I was reading back through it I had a thought that maybe they think they will have to pay me a months notice so refuse my resignation then dismiss me to save the extra months pay? What they have done isn't right or fair but i'll just be glad to see the back of them!
  3. Hi everybody, My apologies in advance if this is a bit confusing (and long!) as I don't really know where I am with it all and it's my problem! I had a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct due on 19/1/11. I resigned that day under the understanding that it was with immediate effect and I didn't have to work notice. My employer then tried to say I resigned without giving notice, I suspect the reason for this is that I have a clause in my contract which says they can withhold 4 weeks wages if notice isn't given. I have previously asked about this in a thread 'How do I make a claim
  4. I am in a terrible financial position and the most important thing to me at the moment is to have some sort of income. I went to the CAB the day before the hearing (which there is no doubt I would have been sacked at) and they said when I claimed for JSA and housing benefit a claim for resignation rather than gross misconduct MAY have shorter time penalties to it. I tried to get an answer from the JC but no one would give me a striaght answer so I though resignation was the best option. It wasn't until I had resigned that they pulled the no notice thing out of the hat and I naively thought
  5. Hi, I was due to have a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct but even though it wasn't true I decided it would be better to hand in my notice before so it wasn't on my employment record. I received a letter from my employer confirming the end of employment but it is clear they are trying to say I resigned without offering to work notice. This is untrue, I offered notice but it was agreed that I didn't have to work any and my resignation was with immediate effect. I suspect their reason for this is due to a clause in my contract which says that unless I give four weeks notice they
  6. Thank you all for your advice. Just as I thought really i've had it, i'll just have to take it and move on. I've had it happen once before, I was accussed of stealing to try and get rid of me because I was on the sick and I did the anger route and it just gets you know where. Best just to forget and move on. Thanks once again.
  7. Hi Everyone, i'm after some advice for an upcoming Disciplinary hearing. On the 23/12/10 I was sent home early because I was ill. When I came in to work the next morning I was accussed of being drunk at work and they had so called found a half drunken bottle of vodka. Two employees have made statements saying I was drunk and that is why I had been sent home early. I was suspended on full pay pending a disciplinary hearing and later that day I received a hand delivered letter telling me the hearing was yesterday on the 29/12/10. I dropped a letter in yesterday saying that I was entitle
  8. I've been accussed of being drunk at work which I wasn't. I was ill and sent home and the next thing I know when i've come into work i've been accussed of drinking at work and they had so called found a bottle of vodka half drunk. Two employees have made statements to say I was drunk and I have obviuosly made a statement saying I wasn't. I haven't had the disciplinary hearing as yet but i'm guessing that i'll get the sack. Too cut a long story short since I started the job i've been forced into doing things which are against the law and i'd had enough and started to refuse hence the false
  9. Hi ErikaPNP, Thank you for your quick reply. I've had a look at the files you listed but to be honest it doesn't make much sense to me. I know it's very difficult to say without all the details facts but would I be right in saying that the most likely out come is that if I claim JSA it will be suspended for a time but as I have no savings or other income I should get a hardship payment? The fact that i'm claiming JSA even if it's suspended means that I can claim HB which I have done before and received and my circumstances haven't changed. If my JSA is reduced or suspended will I stil
  10. Hi All, I'm about to be sacked for gross misconduct, if I am can I claim JSA and HB (I rent)? Really worried about it as I have no one or no where to turn to for help and no savings. With the job market as it is it could easily be 6 months or a year before I get another job and without benifits i'll end up quite literally living on the streets. This all happened on 24/12/10 and they called me in for the meeting today but I managed to pospone it as I said they have to give me reasonable time to seek advice. I've been to CAB and solicitors today but they are all shut until 4/1/11.
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