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  1. Thanks for the advice its pretty much what i thought,just cant understand after passing 2 previous medicals with no problems i should fail this one when if anything my condition has worsened. When my appeal comes through assuming i am granted one does anybody know where i could get advice on getting somone to represent me at my appeal which would have to be on a voluntary basis as cannot afford to pay. Again many thanks for the promt replies
  2. Hello all, i am new here and am also in the same position as jigsaw i have been on incapacity benifit in excess of 6 years but recently failed the medical assesment,i have got the forms now to appeal and in the process of filling them in.Can anyone help with advice on any benifit i could receive whilst awaiting the appeal.MY wife works full time just over min wage and i receive an occupational pension of 60 pounds a week. PS sorry if this is not the right place to post this but was not sure where else to post
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