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  1. Car taken away today. Found 3 bolts in undertray, god knows how long i've been running like that. 2 threads also damaged on gearbox where they go into.
  2. The car is a Seat Alhambra, must admit don't know if its front or rear wheel drive. Plus i can't remember if the mechanic that looked it at said nuts or bolts. He could have quite easily just fitted a new drive shaft and not said a word. But to his credit, he said "how long have you had that gearbox on". When i told him, his words "if you had just brought that back to me after i had fitted it, my a*** would have nipped". He felt that the nuts/ bolts should have not have come away after 2 months and was down to poor installation.
  3. Hi Sam, thanks for the quick reply. It is a brand new gearbox that cost me £4,400 and the garage is one of the few that specializes in gearbox and transmission work. The garage was aware of my occupation and the mileage that i do, plus they serviced my vehicle not so long ago. I tried to contact them the day that the car came back, which was the 21st. Only to find out that they are closed until the 4th January. It seems that the gearbox is not damaged, just the driveshaft that was not fitted correctly. The mechanic that can do the work is willing to take pictures and compile a report to back u
  4. First thing i would like to point out is that i am a self employed long distnace taxi driver and i have no income since the 17th December. Two months ago my car had new gear box fitted, since then i have driven 20,000 miles. A few days ago i had to be rescued by the rac and the mechanic told me the drive shaft had come away from the gear box, the bolts now missing. He said this was the fault of the gear box fitted as the bolts should never work loose. the dilema i have is the original garage is closed until the 4th jan and i am unsure as to whether i should get the repairs done so i can return
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