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  1. I took out a Northern Rock Together mortgage in 1999. I lost my job unexpectedly in 2000. They took the house and sold it for the secured part of the mortgage but left me with about £16,000 to pay from the unsecured part. I didn't realise i had PPI as part of this as it was never discussed with me. With this ruling were do i stand on this regarding any compensation. When it was confirmed i had PPI i was also told because i lost the house i don't get anything.
  2. I didn't look at the dates. As for the police i would have taken their badge numbers. If its a civil matter why then did they threaten to arrest him for breach of the peace. They were ignorant of the facts so should have told the ones who came to take the bike to go away or they should not have interfered at all. THEY made it a criminal matter with threats of arrest. THEY aided and abetted the collectors who must have known that they had no right to take the bike. The loan company had no right to take the bike.. The loan company could only legally pursue the original owner. They just hoped that the new owner would fall for it and they did. Also, i may have posted it late because not looking at dates but there are others who may read the posts OK.
  3. Firstly, the bailiffs couldnt take the bike without permission as its theft. Secondly you should have asked the police for their badge numbers and made an official complaint and also suggested they be better trained. Thirdly, sue the finance company for aiding and abetting theft along with the bailiffs. Fourthly, sue the person who sold you the bike and Fifthly, next time do an HPI check on the bike before you buy it.
  4. Its doubtful wether they will prosecute if the security guy is still there. Report to DWP that benefit book was stolen. Don't go to store to get book back. If security guy still works there don't be intimidated by them. If they got the item back, and he then took your book he in effect stole from you. Find out if they are pressing charges. If they are then report the theft of your book to the police and say to security guy that this is what you are doing. Chances are they will drop any charges because they wouldnt want the publicity. He is trying to frighten you by taking the book because he knows you dont want a criminal record. But question is does he. Wait until finding out what they intend to do before going to DWP.
  5. I have a problem. I had a loan with first response paying £207 every 4 weeks. I lost my job in JUly but recently i paid the arrears up to November as a cheque came in. Now they are chasing me for more but i only get JSA. I offered to pay them £20 a fortnight from my benefit money but it has to be by standing order as i dont trust them NOT to take more than the £20. They refused, stating that it must be by direct debit or by debit card over the phone. I refused to set up the direct debit and will not call them to pay over the phone as the call charges are extortianate. Anyone help. What are my rights here. I got the money March 2009 and was paying 4 weekly since then until July 2010.
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