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  1. Hello to all,


    Just a little rant regarding the monstrosity that is Ashbourne Membership Managment.

    I joined a gym a little over 2 years ago. Everything was fine until my wife realised they where taking out my DD payment TWICE each month and had been doing so for the last 18 months!


    I explained the mistake to my gym owner, did not kick up a fuss and the amount was refunded.


    I speak regularly with the gym owner as he is in there when I train and made him aware that I would be moving away and ending my membership in November 2010. No worries he says. During conversations with gym staff I tell themm that I am leaving in november- no worries they say.


    Then I get a letter from Ashbourne Membership demanding that I pay 3months worth of membership as well as any administration cost inccured! After phoning them letting them know that I have moved and had agreed a leaving date with the gym owner they rang me back and said that the gym owner has no knowledge of me telling him I was ending my membership!


    I have been threatened with a poor credit score if I do not pay, I havn't even gone into my overdraft in my life or owed any money!


    Where do I stand with this lot?

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